live in costa rica
Indeed, a sudden shift to Living in Costa Rica may sound a great move after years of hobnobbing and working in a highly urbanized country. But just because years started wrinkling, one's skin and age starts showing on your hair, does not mean you can simply stagnate into oblivion and...

The World of Style and Fashion Photography with Zuzana Breznanikova

London is one of the principal renowned fashion capitals in the world and an ideal city for its wide variety of fashion, modelling and...
Trending Makeup Tips for Brown Eyes

Top Trending Makeup Tips for Brown Eyes [Best Tutorial]

If you have beautiful brown eyes... So here I am bringing the best makeup tutorial for you today I'll give you some...
Scuba Diving Spots in the World

Top 10 Scuba Diving Spots in the World [Best Underwater Secrets]

If you are keen on a vacation of a different kind, why not consider heading to some of the best-loved scuba diving spots in...

How To Match Your Leather Hat With Your Summer Dress

Find people with high expectations and a low tolerance for excuses. They'll have higher expectations for you than you have for yourself. Don't flatter...
save money grocery large family

How to Save Money on Groceries for a Large Family [Top 18 tips]

Real Ways to Save Money in This Tough Economy It's getting harder and harder for some families to make...
Makeup is Out of Date

How to Know If Your Makeup is Out of Date

Have a gander into someone's makeup bag at your own risk — you may figure out a cringe-worthy hoard of years-old cosmetics....
Best eyeshadow palettes

How to choose the Best Eyeshadow Palettes?

Eyeshadow palettes are essential for anyone looking for a colorful, intense look and who wants to create depth around the eyes. In this Guide, I...
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