There’s a new trending line: it’s called a graphic eyeliner and celebrities love it

welcome the proposal to wear geometric strokes and styles with the graphic eyeliner.


The right makeup helps to highlight some parts of the face and sharpen the features, but wearing a perfect line is the key to show off an impact look.

For a couple of years, the cat-eye has been positioned as the best trick to achieve broader, longer, and more beautiful eyes.

But if we keep up with the changes in the beauty world , there is a new trend that goes far beyond the perfect outline in the feline style.

The new trend is to bet on your creativity and drawing skills. That’s right, welcome the proposal to wear geometric strokes and styles with the graphic eyeliner.

This geometric outline, which is taking over the beauty looks of celebrities and influencers, has its history.

The 60s pioneered wearing graphic lines on the mobile eyelid part and wearing minimalist makeup thanks to Leslie Lawson, better known as ‘Twiggy’, supermodel and icon of trends.

The purpose of this liner is to create floating lines or graphics that not only frame the water line of the eye, but also the eyelid.

Celebrities are betting on wearing this line daily, but also on more formal looks like red carpets and evening events. Get inspired by them to bring the geometry in your eyes.

Elegant in the style of Kate Hudson

Kate Hudson is one of the actresses who has experimented with the graphic eyeliner, by placing a small slanted line above her eyelid, combined with very natural makeup.

Experimental as Lucy Boynton

The protagonist of Bohemian Rhapsody, Lucy Boynton, is one of the celebrities who enjoy this trend since she has chosen to wear it on several red carpets.

The characteristic of this technique is that the stroke is free. You can create lines of different sizes and shapes. Boynton opted to wear an elongated curve with lightly loaded makeup, to give prominence to his look.

It has also led the trend to a more subtle shape by placing lines at the corners of the eyes, just at the beginning of the eyelid. Placing the outline in this way creates a lengthening effect on the look.

The outlined in black is a classic for an elegant and sensual look, but you can also achieve an impact look by experimenting with colors.

Lucy became quite a follower of the graphic eyeliner by taking the risk of using vibrant shades such as red in her eyes but following the technique of geometry.

Blurred as Margot Robbie

Margot Robbie is one of the actresses who stands out for her natural beauty, which is why she usually takes a little risk in terms of makeup; however, she did not want to leave aside the trend of the outlines.

He opted to wear a very casual makeup but with a blurred curve that covers a large part of his eyelid. She complimented her makeup with nude lips.

Scarlett Johansson-style intensity

The actress appropriated the style of ‘Twiggy’ by using an eyeliner with thicker lines to give more intensity to the eyes. Also, the thickness of the liner creates an enlarged effect on the look.

By wearing a more striking design on the part of the eyes, it is recommended to balance the beauty look with a more subtle makeup with lips in light tones.

With shadows like Kim Kardashian

The socialite has managed to take advantage of this trend, but its style by combining black graphics with light shadows. The color scheme makes them look bigger and brighter.


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