ClockOn GO mobile app

The core of workforce management is time and attendance management. It makes sure that qualified workers are present where they should be at the appropriate time.

To maximize organizational and personnel efficiency, workforce management is crucial.

This management involves keeping track of staff hours, including their start and end times. There are numerous methods for keeping track of employee hours.

ClockOn GO is an app that focuses on companies that have to handle employee payments and shifts.

It offers comprehensive reporting that can be customized to meet certain corporate needs, along with time and attendance tracking.

Understanding the Need for Efficient Time Management

Impact of poor time management on productivity

Have you ever wondered what the repercussions of ineffective time management are while you’re at work and finding it difficult to meet deadlines and finish everything? You incur a personal loss, but your entire business bears greater total costs.

A Corporation loses its money when its employees are unproductive or miss deadlines.

Additionally, it may cause departments as a whole to become less productive and lose clients.

Importance of accurate attendance tracking in businesses

Monitoring attendance guarantees accurate employee compensation. Employee attendance records also provide important insights into a company’s general efficiency and production levels.

Businesses can find potential areas for development and offer more training to boost performance and production by keeping track of staff hours spent.

Exploring ClockOn’s Features

ClockOn’s user-friendly interface

ClockOn has a user-friendly and convenient interface since it makes it simple to clock in and out and check and update personal information at any time.

Its interface allows tablet, smartphone, or PC, staff members to see the portal, request leaves, modify timesheets, check rosters, and add breaks.

Real-time clock-in and clock-out monitoring

The employee portal from ClockOn is convenient since it makes it simple to clock in and out, check and update personal information at any time, and access rosters and payslips.

ClockOn Users can automate regular, extra, and penalty work hours and other tasks with It’s automated timesheet tool, which employs a rule-setting engine.

Pricing of ClockOn

The price structure of ClockOn is shrewdly created to accommodate a wide range of users. There are three options available, one of them is free and the others are paid, either monthly or yearly.


Featuring basic services like employee onboarding, auto-scheduling, STP, and comprehensive reporting, this plan is free for up to 20 employees.


Users get all the capabilities of the Starter plan, plus budgeting and expense control, configurable templates, an employee online portal and mobile app, track staff hours, time and attendance, and more than 140 reports, for $2.10 per employee when billed annually or monthly.


At $6.50 for each pay slip, the Outsourced plan offers a more laissez-faire approach than the prior programs. It has a committed payroll team that will assist with all requirements, and bookkeeping services can be added for an extra fee.

Enhancing Employee Accountability

Through its variety of features, ClockOn promotes punctuality which encourages and restricts employees to be on time and follow their schedule.

ClockOn offers a fast, reliable, and efficient procedure for employees to clock in and out, and track staff hours work.

That’s why ClockOn discourages latecomers and encourages employees to be punctual.

Flexibility and Adaptability

ClockOn features and tools foster flexibility and Adaptation by enabling managers and staff to successfully manage calendars, handle time-off requests, communicate clearly, and make modifications in response to evolving situations.

ClockOn scheduling tool helps managers design intricate timetables that can change to meet evolving business requirements.

They can assign shifts by worker availability, skill levels, and workload needs, guaranteeing the highest level of labor-management flexibility.

Reporting and Analytics

Real-time visibility into staff schedules is made possible by online timesheets, which facilitates better decision-making and resource allocation.

The reporting functions provide insightful information about overtime, time fraud, and attendance trends. Its reporting analytics help to improve workforce management.

Employee Satisfaction and Morale Boost

Employee satisfaction can be significantly impacted by precise time and attendance tracking.

Fairness and transparency are fostered in the workplace when staff members believe their time is being appropriately tracked and their attendance is being appropriately handled.

ClockOn time and attendance software’s automated capabilities and streamlined processes can help employees save a great deal of time and effort, freeing them up to concentrate on their primary duties and improving their work-life balance.

Scalability for Growing Businesses

ClockOn’s suitability for small, medium, and large enterprises

ClockOn is unquestionably a powerful program that offers its availability to small to medium-sized organizations.

Because it is affordable and easily adaptable its importance can’t be ignored by any Enterprise.

The capabilities of ClockOn make it easier for companies who have to handle employee payments and shifts. Additionally, its services make it simple for companies to increase staff members effectively.

My Finale Thought

One of the most well-liked options for companies for time and attendance management at workplace work is ClockOn, which provides secure real-time tracking of workers operating offshore.

Remotely recorded employee times are GPS-located and confirmed using Touch ID on the device.

The time sheet has a link to a map that shows the employee’s location. When an Internet or phone connection is momentarily lost, GO keeps track of employee times and locations and functions flawlessly both online and offline.

Using cutting-edge technology, ClockOn Time and Attendance logs shift and break times.

With its well-liked kiosk solution, staff may clock in using a PIN along with an additional photo capture feature, adding an extra degree of protection and keeping track of who clocks in and out.

It is Time to take advantage of the Bundy Clock alternative. Time and Attendance is available as a monthly subscription and integrates easily with the ClockOn Rostering and Payroll modules.