What inspires me most is the girls out there turning their dreams into reality, a fulfilled woman with limitless hope in her eyes.

Out of so many amazing women, one is Mylène Besançon.

Mylène Besançon is the co-founder of Tunedly, an innovative music production.

She specializes in branding and marketing. She has been named a “Limit-breaking Female Founder” and has been featured in: Billboard, The Next Web, Style Magazine, and HuffPost.

Mylène has also spoken at CMW. Her website literally fulfills all the SEO ranking factors.

Prior to becoming an entrepreneur, Mylène grew up in the South of France. She received an MBA in Marketing from Dublin Business School and a BA in Foreign Language and Business Studies from Université Sud Toulon-Var. Mylène now lives in North America, where she has since joined the network of Capital Innovators.

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