How To Buy Women’s High Heels As a Man

It can be hard, as a man, to go to a physical store and purchase women’s high-heel styles as a pair of heels for men.

Not only because the experience can be daunting and new, but also because finding the perfect fit and style for you can be a long journey that you want to take your time on.

When choosing a high-heel style, you want to pick one that both makes you feel confident and comfortable. Thanks to advances in online shopping, finding high heel styles as a man is no longer the chore it used to be!

What type of man buys women’s high heels?

There are so many reasons why a man would like to buy women’s high heel styles; from drag queens, crossdressers, male pole dancers, show people, male burlesque dancers, and for costume events, many men are feeling more confident to explore new styles.

For many men, wearing a high heel is a chance to experience something new in their fashion adventure, and is another outlet for creativity.

With the expanding of social norms, more and more men are open to experimenting with blurring lines between men’s and women’s fashion and dressing for pleasure.

How Is It Easiest To Find High Heel Styles?

Beste shopping at a physical store is familiar to many as a convenient way to purchase items, when it comes to purchasing women’s shoes in men’s sizes online shopping is going to be your best friend.

There is a lot of reasons for this, including:

  • A larger range to choose from
  • Larger size options from online retailers
  • Non-judgmental online customer service
  • Ability to browse uninterrupted
  • No other customers making you feel self-conscious

Physical stores may have their merits, but in the modern world of online shopping, why not take advantage of the huge range of styles available at your fingertips and guarantee you are finding the perfect shoe for you!

Is there a particular brand that I should start with?

Not a lot of companies make large size women’s heels so accessible, or in such a huge range of styles, so finding one you are most comfortable with is a huge step.

One company that is internationally known for offering extended sizes women’s shoes is Pleaser.

With style options available to a women’s size 17US in high heels, sandals, boots, and more, Pleaser is a great place for men looking for women’s shoe styles to start!

How to shop for my first high heels as a man

  • Consult the size chart, as there is a conversion between men’s and women’s sizing you must be aware of
  • Check each shoe listing- some offer measurements for the shoes which is great for finding your ideal size
  • Start with a low heel style to get used to the extra height and how your body will move in high heels
  • A platform high heel can be less painful to wear, as the platform allows for a higher heel but a lower arch curve on the foot
  • Don’t be afraid to spend a little more money on high quality shoes; you get what you pay for, and your feet will suffer in cheap styles!
  • If you are planning to grow your shoe collection, start with staple pieces you will wear more often that are comfortable for you
  • If you are looking for your first pair of Drag Queen high heels, there are many flamboyant styles that won’t compromise on comfort- ask your local drag community for advice!
  • For transgender women looking for their first pair of high heels, a low pump is always a great starting point to grow from!