Make-Up Trends for Summer 2021

Summer is finally here and it is now time to ditch your lazy lockdown loungewear, start wearing proper bras again (which are actually supportive and not just incredibly comfortable), and to start wearing and experimenting with that forgotten artistic expression, make-up.

Here are five of the top make-up trends for summer 2021.

1. Glowing Skin

This summer, glowing skin will be a look all the top models and celebrities will strive to achieve and one that you can achieve at home relatively easily.

Logically, in the summer everyone is by default slightly sun-kissed no matter what the skin type and to complement that healthy glow even further, add a cream highlighter rather than your usual powder base.

Ensure you moisturize thoroughly as part of your daily skincare routine, so your natural glow will shine through, whatever the summertime weather brings.

Glowing Skin

2. Nude Nails

One of the biggest trends for this summer are the addition of nude nails, a far cry from the winter’s gel nails and acrylic pastels of the spring.

Nude nails are incredibly versatile and fairly simple to achieve at home.

A nude manicure always appears well-groomed and very clean, and the beauty of nude nails is that small chips and flaws barely show.

Use a good quality, clear topcoat to seal your nails and invest in a UV nail varnish curing lamp if you find yourself short on daily pamper time.

3. Extravagant Eyeshadow

Now is the time to seriously experiment with eyeshadow, taking inspiration from nature with vibrant greens, sky blues, and earthy golds and browns.

If you are committed to creating the extravagant eyeshadow looks of your dreams, consider in investing in some quality yet affordable make-up from companies who supply make-up for film and television and who might have cosplay supplies for sale.

4. Glossy Lips

Glossy lips are making a massive comeback for summer 2021.

Add a thin, very light layer primer moisturizer onto your dry lips before you apply any lip gloss to ensure the shine of the gloss is not obstructed by dead skin cells.

When glossing your lips, strive to keep your coverage to an absolute minimum to avoid a thick, sticky finish.

Choose a lip gloss that is a very light pink or, even better, a clear liquid, and be sure to keep the brush head clean.

Experiment with the exact shade as your skin tone will change the appearance of the lip gloss.

Glossy Lips

5. Rosy Cheeks

Natural-looking, rosy cheeks are a subtle look that is popular and trending this summer.

One of the keys to perfecting this look is the way in which you apply blusher to the cheek.

Ensure you generously moisturize your skin before you apply your foundation and that your face is dry but moisturized before you begin.

Use light, the opaque pink color of blush which works well on all skin tones, and dab the powder onto your brush, remembering to flick away stray dust before you apply it to your face.

Always use a good quality make-up setting spray to complete the look.