How to Choose a Bridal Shower Dress

Your outfit for your bridal shower says a lot about your style. Show off your personality with breezy floral dresses for spring and summer showers, or try pastel shades for autumn and winter parties.

If you’re looking for a dressier option, consider a long form-hugging mermaid lace dress or silky maxi.

OR, if you want to be comfortable, shop for a white jumpsuit or romper.


A bridal shower is an intimate gathering before the big day, and it’s a great time for friends and family to come together. The bride-to-be’s loved ones will celebrate her with food, drinks, and gifts.

They may even relive childhood memories or give her some advice. A cute and flattering outfit is the best way to show your support.

Depending on the time of year and the venue, you’ll want to choose a dress or jumpsuit that suits the season and atmosphere. If the event is in the fall or winter, stick with darker shades, while lighter hues are ideal for spring and summer.

You can also go for a floral print or feminine details like bows and ruffles to add a touch of sweetness to your look.

For example, a white mini dress with puffed lantern sleeves is classic and trendy, and it’ll be the perfect addition to any bridal party.

While wearing a splash of color is fine, you’ll want to steer clear of neon hues, loud logo prints, or rhinestones.

That’s because the bride has complete claim to all shades of white and ivory, so you don’t want to be the one who steals her thunder on her special day.


When shopping for a bridal shower dresses for bride, it’s essential to consider the fabric you choose. While lace and satin are classic wedding gown fabrics, many other beautiful styles would be perfect for a bridal shower. For instance, a thigh-grazing floral dress or a figure-hugging sequin dress is a great option that could be worn with strappy heels and a showy handbag for a pretty outfit that will make the bride-to-be swoon.

You also want to consider the bridal shower season, which can affect your wardrobe choices.

If you have a bridal shower in the fall or winter, you can choose a chic faux fur coat to wear with your dress for added warmth, while a long-sleeved maxi dress in a rich hue like burgundy, emerald green, or navy blue is a perfect choice for a spring or summer bridal shower.

While wearing white for a wedding is acceptable, it isn’t appropriate for a bridal shower.

Opt for a white midi dress with gorgeous floral details or rosette embellishments for a feminine and eye-catching look if you want a white dress.


If there’s a dress code stated on the invitation or wedding website, let that be your guide. If not, look to the venue or event theme for inspiration.

Generally, semi-formal attire works for most bridal showers; think blouses paired with stylish skirts or dressy pantsuits in neutral or vibrant colors or playful floral patterns.

Another important consideration is the season and location of the bridal shower. For example, a brunch bridal shower in the fall or winter may require darker and warmer hues, while a brunch bridal shower at a restaurant or hotel might call for more formal attire.

Finally, consider the shape of your bridal shower dress. While a mini dress can be a flirty option for many brides-to-be, you may also opt for a midi or maxi dress for a more elegant feel.

If unsure, look to the wedding theme for inspiration and choose a silhouette that complements it.

Remember, however, that you should not wear white dresses to a bridal shower since that color is reserved for the bride-to-be. Instead, opt for a midi or maxi style featuring pastel shades or unique textures to make you stand out.

For example, a pink floral print is fresh and feminine, while a satin or silk fabric adds a sophisticated edge.


Depending on the level of formality and season, you’ll want to pay attention to your dress’s length. A midi or maxi length is a great choice, as it’s stylish and flattering yet not too revealing.

If you’re uncomfortable wearing a long dress, try a chic jumpsuit instead! This trendy dress alternative is perfect for showing off your style with its figure-hugging silhouette and elegant details like burnout florals, lace, and Swiss dots.

Consider a white dress if you seek a bridal shower outfit that feels extra special. While we love all-white looks, don’t be afraid to mix it with a pastel color or a hint of a fun print to add personality to your look. We now love pink dresses, bright flowers, and “something blue” shades!

If you’re a guest at a bridal shower, remember to save the red dress for the bachelorette party. This bold and show-stopping shade can come across as too sultry for a family event and could also upstage the bride.

Instead, opt for a blush or peach dress in a soft pastel hue that suits the occasion’s theme. Alternatively, list a two-piece set with a top skirt and pants.

This option is excellent for bridal showers in the fall and winter because it can be dressed up with accessories for a more elegant look or worn casually.