Top Hollywood Actress and their Trending Dress

With their beautiful fashion choices, the trendiest female celebrities succeed in capturing our attention.

If it’s a classic Hollywood red carpet look or a more daring, trendy ensemble worn for a night out in the city, the ladies on this list are one of a kind fashionista without a doubt.

They don’t fear taking chances for that matter with their shoes, their hairstyles, or something else.

Sure, the risks still don’t pay off, but, when will they? It is gold from Hollywood — and it is setting trends.

There are some stylish female celebrities whose dresses/costumes are astonished.

Emma Watson’s Greatest Style

Emma Watson’s Greatest Style

Emma Charlotte Duerre Watson (born in Paris on April 15, 1990) is a top Hollywood actress, role model, and activist.

With poise and panache, Emma Watson made the transition from child star to leading lady in Hollywood.

As her career rose, so did her profile on fashion.

Christopher Bailey chose her to direct her first Burberry campaign in 2009;

she designed it in partnership with People Tree and Alberta Ferretti and joined the prestigious brand ambassadors list of Lancôme in 2011.

Mila Kunis Fashion & Outfits

Mila Kunis trending dress

Milena Markovna “Mila” Kunis is an American actress (born August 14, 1983).

She moved from Soviet Ukraine to the USA with her family in 1991, at the age of seven.

The comedy of Mila Kunis may take center stage but in the style department, the actress is no slouch.

Some of the finest pieces she has recently worn reflect that sensibility.

Earlier this week on The Late Show with James Corden, she looked carefree in a pearl-studded sweater and matching skirt by Alice and Olivia.

She chose a Dolce & Gabbana jumpsuit for a recent appearance on The Tonight Show which,

thanks to its puffed sleeves and head toe stripes, was lined with just the right amount of fun.

Marilyn Monroe Trending Dress

Marilyn Monroe Pink Dress Cosplay Costume
Famous Marilyn Monroe Pink Dress Cosplay Costume.

During her film career beginning in the early ’50s and spanning more than a decade before her death in 1962,

Marilyn Monroe melted the hearts of both American men (her sexpot looks) and women (her stylish wardrobes).

Marilyn Monroe is one of the century’s most well-known actresses-the blonde bombshell is synonymous with Old Hollywood and all glamorous.

Also, though Monroe ‘s films have gone down in film history — such as Gentlemen Prefer Blondes and Seven Year Itch — their style is similarly noteworthy.

Her platinum blonde waves and red lipstick were distinguishing aspects of the star, as was her sultry manner of speaking and an impeccable appearance.

Monroe had a penchant for sleeveless gowns and Cosplay Costume dresses to stop showing.

Her silk evening gowns and white fur stoles lit up a red carpet.

With her sequined gowns and designer duds, she stole scenes in movies and started new trends simply by wearing them.

She also set the stage with the outfits she ‘d worn off the silver screen for fashion trends.

Marilyn dazzles each and every man she encounters wearing by deep-slit and her trending dress called Marilyn Monroe Pink Dress Cosplay Costume.

Monroe had an effortless grace that transcended the time test and her performance was truly unforgettable.

Ahead is a glimpse at some of her best style moments, be it in movies, on the red carpet, or out and about in town.

Celebrities often have access to a slew of fashion designers and stylists to help them choose the perfect outfits, but some celebrities are still unable to pull them all together.

Not so for this list of stylish female celebs.

May shows faith in wearing almost everything-even things that most actors, singers, and/or models will never wear, ever.


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