Improve your looks with a belt

Improve your looks

The pandemic is gradually becoming more controlled, which means that more and more people will return to going to the office and corporate parties, leisure walking, and cafe meetings.

Of course, anyone could go out in a cozy home suit as it has been the primary form of clothing for a significant time period, but we have all been sitting at home for too long, and the desire to see something more or less new in the mirror seems natural.

Most likely, you already have sets of clothes for work, for a walk with friends, or for a romantic date, and additional clothes purchase might take too much time.

Matching the new clothes item with all your other outfits could take some time and cost you quite a sum, while you want to shine right here and right now.

But to freshen up your wardrobe, you can make less effort β€” just add it with new accessories, so that your looks would already differ.

One big bonus of choosing accessories is that usually they fit everyone, so there is no need to seek the proper size of an accessory and you can choose what feels right for you and your overall style.

Find an accessory

From the multitude of accessories available at the market all over the world, you can choose any item.

It can be clutches, bags, scarves, hats, or hair clips, but at the same time, a simple belt can really complete the outfit.

Depending on what style of clothing you prefer, you can vary the thickness and material of the belt, as well as the way it is fastened to the waistline β€” for example, you can tie a thin leather strap with a stylish triangular knot around your waist to go for a walk with friends around the city.

In addition to the decorative function of an accessory, a belt can also serve its original purpose β€” to fasten clothing items in designated places.

You have loose-fitting jeans which fall down from your legs, but you are not ready to shop for new ones?

Just tie a belt!

Choose a belt

The belt can be handmade and factory-sewn, and there is quite a wide range of belt materials:

  • synthetic textile,
  • natural textile,
  • yarn,
  • strings of beads,
  • fake or real leather.

Quality leather belts can be ordered online in Chicago. Such belts are usually made with buckles to better fit around the body of the person wearing it.

There are belts with the classic buckle and the automatic one.

Their difference is that for a belt with an automatic buckle, there is no need to punch holes in the belt, which means that the belt will look more aesthetically pleasing.

You can also change buckles between belts if you previously had one in the same width.

At the same time, belts made from yarn or strings may be fastened in different ways, so it is an important detail to remember: you would not want to look disheveled when you put the thin tee upon your jeans with a massive decorative buckle on the belt.

Such a belt will look better on your jacket or a trenchcoat.

The main advice on choosing a belt is this: first, think about the way you will wear it β€” under your clothes or upon them, then choose the material, and after that think about the color.

Classical variants for leather belts are black and brown; while these are suited for almost every clothing set, you can always experiment and try to find that one belt for that one outfit.