Do you lose hair and feel a lack of confidence?

No need to worry about creating a bald look with a beard, I wrote this article for you, to give you tips on how to look awesome.

Years ago, there was a myth about Bald men’s unattractiveness.

But this has become a current trendy trend nowadays, which can also be seen on celebrities.

Only give it a shot.

beard style

Certainly, there is something about being bald and bearded that merely exudes power and masculinity.

No doubt about it, you can try this combination of a shaved head and beard! Why shave a beard and grow your head?

Losing your hair feels like the end for a lot of guys.

Living Your Best As a Young Balding Man

What else can you do, right now? How do you rescue a decent modicum of beauty from this most horrific of all destinies?

young bald beard man style
Portrait of handsome man wearing red jacket with small dog.

Others are actually abandoning the ghost, dwelling on their appearance, or trying to stop reflective surfaces.

But at the end of the hair-thinning tunnel light has emerged for a rising number of men:

We name it bearded bald.

Now, for the first time shaving your head can be a pretty scary thing usually questions in your mind – what is my head shape?

May I use my usual razor?? My head just won’t look upside down?

But most men who suck it up and shave it off find that they are suddenly free: no more fear, no longer hiding behind hats, no more embarrassment.

And they’re privy to a whole new style and grooming world too.

Bald with Beard Look

Young Bald man with Beard Style
Young Bald man with Beard Style

Growing a beard with a bald head is one of the more exciting male style and grooming trends and it’s simple

It draws attention away from your bald head-it makes it a highlight, in fact.

Moreover, it offers you a whole new type of masculinity and personality – not to mention providing you with a novel opportunity to shape your own destiny.

After so many months and years of increasingly nothing to work with on their heads, unexpectedly men who shave their heads and begin to concentrate on their beard discover they have an incredible power of how they look and what they do with their hair.

There are some reasons to consider growing a beard and shaving your head, and what it will do for you.

It makes you more attractive

Let’s be honest: this is what matters most.

What women want to see for most men, is what men want to say. And being bald with beard look is a big attraction for the dams at the moment.

more attractive

It gives you more confidence

If all the things women look for in a man, confidence is always right at the top of the list.

There’s no question that a confident man appears to be more in charge, more knowledgeable, and more attractive to be around in general. And the bearded bald look signifies tremendous confidence.

It Helps Reshape your Face

When a man’s hair begins to thin, it’s becoming more challenging to achieve the kinds of looks he’s got used to.

It Helps Reshape your Face
Man’s Hipster lifestyle.

For some men, their entire lives as adults are characterized by a lack of control over how they look.

It’s easier to improve your beard growth, for example. In reality, even men who are really struggling can help with some help repair their beard growth.

You will immediately be able to take full control of your beard with some expert guidance and the right tools in a way that few men can cut and style their own hair to perfection.

So, what is it that would deter you?

Well, it’s not a one-size-fits-all kind of thing as good as the beard-looking bald can be:

every man has a different set of features, a different personality, and a different goal in mind when grooming;

there are plenty of beard styles to choose from for bald men – basic mustache to the full-on grizzly beard.

All this will not refute the fact that you are bald, but it will bring a whole new view that bald with beard look is utterly cute and awesome.

It will even spark envy from both friends and foes.


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