French Manicure

What is French Manicure?

A french manicure is a simple nail treatment applied to your fingers.

It is one of the most popular beauty treatments for fingernails.

Contrary to popular belief, french manicure did not originate from Paris, but from Hollywood! In French manicure, the tips of nails are painted white.

Then the beauty professional will ask you what color you would like your nails to be, and you choose the colour.

Is French Manicure safe?

French Manicure safe
Beautiful Hands with perfect nails. French manicure.

A french manicure is very safe. The beauty professional will apply nail polish to your hand with care.

How long does a French Manicure take?

A french manicure takes about one hour to complete. Expect to wait a bit longer as your nails have to dry before you leave the salon or your mobile nail professional.

Make sure you wear slippers for the next few hours in case some of the nail polish wears off. Go out in the sun and get some fresh air on your nails.

This will help drying up your french manicure.

How long does French Manicure last?

French Manicure last
French Manicure Styles

If you look after your nails well, a french manicure can last two to three weeks. It depends on what you do during the day.

If you work a lot with your hands, it might last less than two weeks. If you don’t use your hands much during the day, your french manicure could last up to four weeks.

Where can get a French Manicure Done?

get a French Manicure Done

There are many places to go to in order to get a french manicure.

These days it can be difficult to find the perfect salon as there are so many around you.

A good way to start is to check online beauty directories such as

Here you will be able to add your location and a list of french manicure salons will pop up.

It’s so easy: Search and find a french manicure beautician near you!

Learn more: How to French Nails at Home.


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