One of the first things many people do when money is tight is to cut out visits to the nail salon for manicures and pedicures.

The good news is that you do not have to forgo beautiful hands and feet, even if your family budget has been Dave Ramsey-ed.

With a few simple and easy steps you can mimic the French manicure with the white tips and clear pink hue that you so love.

Supplies needed:

• Nail brush

• Soapy water

• Nail file

• Orange stick

• Nail polish remover

• Base coat

• White nail polish

• Pink nail polish

• Clear top coat

• Gauze or cotton balls

• French tip templates (optional)

Get your Nails Fully Prepared
Nail art and design. Beautiful woman wearing make-up and jewellery and showing her french manicure. Beauty fashion model

First step: Get your Nails Fully Prepared.

• Ensure that they are completely clean, especially underneath your nails.

• Trim and file them to the shape you desire.

• Soak and then push back-do not cut-your cuticles.

• Use just a little bit of nail polish remover to provide a better grip for the polish you are about to apply.

• Apply base coat to your nails and let it dry.

Second step: Paint the Tips of your Nails.

• If this is your first or second time (seventh-grade slumber parties and drunken sorority rushes don’t count), you will want to use a template.

• Take the white nail polish and apply it very lightly with the natural curve of your nails.

• Repeat until you have the desired color and thickness.

• After you have your tips just the way you want them, allow them to dry completely.

Third step: apply polish to the base of the nail.

• Apply your base color very lightly over your entire nail.

• Patience is the key here, as applying it too thickly will result in loss of shine. (And make your nails look like you just slapped some acrylic paint on them.)

Final step: Apply a Clear Topcoat

• This will ensure that you have a good quality shine on your nails.

• Reapply this topcoat daily in order to be certain that your nails do not chip or fade.

By having patience, and following the steps listed above, you should now have a basic knowledge of how to do your own French nails at home.

With a little effort and some practice, you will soon be able to almost carbon copy your salon’s look.

If you don’t get to that point though, you can always wear some gloves and hold a yard sale to get you back to the salon sooner!