Suggestions when choosing to buy a Children’s Vest


Choose baby vest according to the baby’s skin color

Like other fashionable clothes, no matter how beautifully designed the baby boy’s suit is, choosing a vest color that doesn’t match the baby’s skin color will sink and lose the elegance of the suit.

So, parents should prioritize this factor first when choosing a vest for the baby boy.

The current vest trẻ em is designed in a variety of colors, in which the group of bright colors includes white, blue, yellow … and the dark color group includes black, gray, red …

Choose a vest for your baby with white skin

If your baby has pinkish white skin, mothers will easily choose a suit because the white skin is suitable for all colors, from dark colors such as black, gray, red to light.

If your baby has blue and white skin, mothers should avoid choosing a white and black vest. Because the white vest will make the baby’s skin feel faded and lifeless.

The black vest creates a strong contrast, bringing out the baby’s blue-white skin.

Also, avoid choosing colors that are too bright like blue. For babies with blue and white skin, mothers should prioritize choosing a light-colored vest such as red, dark blue, coffee…

Choose a vest for your Baby with Dark Skin

For babies with dark skin, mothers should choose a children’s vest according to the rule of choosing the color of the outfit against the color of the skin.

Therefore, boy suits with bright, warm colors like blue and coffee will be the first choice.

However, it should be noted to avoid choosing brown, black, gray vest and cold, pale colors.

These colors tend to make your baby’s skin look yellow and lifeless.

Choose a vest for your baby with yellow skin

This is a popular skin color for boys in Vietnam, and fortunately, this skin color is quite easy to adapt to any color, especially dark colors such as yellow, brown, and coffee.

A blue suit can help your baby be more stylish because it feels brown and firm.

In addition, the red, magenta, and red color suits … are very flattering for babies with yellow skin.

Choose vest according to the baby’s appearance

Each baby will have a different appearance, especially children who are eating old will hardly have a perfect appearance. Therefore, there will be thin, fat babies, tall babies, some short babies.

As such, it is important to pay attention to choose the suit to suit the baby’s body and to conceal the defects in the appearance if any.

Here, Danangsale will have a few suggestions in choosing a vest for boys that will help the baby balance in harmony and more fashion.

Choose a vest for a Fat Baby

In terms of design: Mothers should prioritize the selection of suits designed with 2 rows of buttons in the middle, the hem is cut into the back 2 sides will help the baby’s body feel taller, so it will reduce baby’s chubby feeling.

Materials: For boys with a slightly fat body, mothers avoid choosing suits with thick material like a vest made from canvas, or a vest with a lot of shoulder padding because it will make the baby look big and much heavier.

About color: One rule to ‘cheat’ a pretty good fat appearance, but surely all mothers know it is to choose dark colors.

The dark clothes make the viewer feel more slim. Therefore, mothers can choose for babies suits with dark colors such as black, gray, dark blue …

About texture: For your baby to be taller and skinny, if you choose a suit with a small symmetrical vertical stripe pattern, it will help increase the feeling of a slimmer baby.

Choose a vest for a skinny baby

In terms of design: Contrary to the chubby children, mothers should not choose vest models with high flap designs to avoid making the baby feel longer, thinner.

On the contrary, the designs with single flaps in the middle, hip length, and 2 rows of buttons will be equally suitable for the baby. These designs will make the baby feel bigger and bigger, from there will look more plump.

Material: The vest made from a medium thick material such as canvas and khaki 2 layers will help keep the baby’s shape while making the baby’s body look fuller.

However, mothers should only choose a vest with thick fabric when the weather is cool, to avoid hot and uncomfortable for the baby boy when wearing the vest ..

About color: Dark colors will make your baby look smaller.

Therefore, mothers should avoid choosing dark colors for babies, on the contrary, pay attention to choose bright colors such as white, coffee, and blue that will be the most suitable for your baby.

Patterns: A ‘trick’ commonly used for all types of clothing is to choose a large pattern or horizontal stripes that will make the baby look bigger and stronger.


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