The Best Gifts to Hint at

Deciding what gift you want to hint at can be difficult, especially since the internet has opened up endless options for every event.

Whether a loved one has already asked you what you want for Christmas or if you are unsure what to ask for for your upcoming special occasion,

here is a list of some of the best gifts you should consider hinting at for the next gift-giving occasion in your life.

1. Couture Handbags

One of the best gifts to hint at is couture handbags.

Not only can couture handbags last you a lifetime and serve a practical purpose, but they can also make you feel good about yourself and express your personality in a way that other accessories do not.

You can even take your new couture clutch with you to the special occasion in question, especially if you are planning to go to a party or an up-market restaurant.

2. Perfume

Perfume gift

However, if you are looking to hint at a present that will keep on giving, you should consider convincing your loved one to buy perfume for you.

Perfume can last for much longer than you might expect from looking at the size of the bottle and can help you to surround yourself with a much purer and stronger scent than you would if you were to opt for eau de toilette.

Perfume can even boost your confidence and self-esteem, ensuring that you succeed at work and in life.

3. Gold Jewelry

If you want your family member or significant other to give you a more traditional present, though, you should consider hinting at gold jewelry.

Gold jewelry is a gift that you can treasure for a long time to come, and it might even become a family heirloom if you pass it on to your younger family members.

Gold is the best metal to opt for as it does not tarnish like silver does, ensuring that your necklace or bracelet always shines no matter how long it has been stored in your jewelry box.

4. Personalized Gifts

Personalized Gifts

There is nothing better than receiving a personalized gift from someone that you love, though.

Although it can be harder to hint at a personalized gift, many services allow your loved one to write their own message on certain keepsake items.

If you want to hint at a personalized gift, you might consider asking for a surprise or simply telling your loved one what you want, but giving them free rein to pick exactly the present that they will give you.

5. Food

Food might not last quite as long as some of the other presents on this list, but it can bring you an equal amount of joy, especially if you ask for food that is too much expensive or rare to buy regularly.

Food can also be a great gift as you can eat it as part of your celebratory feast or even share it with the person that has gifted it to you.