Best Hobbies to Try with Friends

Hobbies are significantly improved by the presence of your mates.

While it’s also good to enjoy a relaxing hobby by yourself from time to time, starting a hobby with your friends is a great way to hangout while learning a new skill.

Stuck for ideas?

Here are 8 great hobbies to try with friends.

1: Travel

Traveling can be a hobby! If you like discovering new places and meeting new people, start doing it regularly and turning it into a hobby.

You could take a weekend break every month to travel somewhere new, or, if you have the time, you could even pack your bag and head out into the world for a few months.

Bring a friend along for increased security and fun. You will both make the type of memories you will recount while laughing over a drink twenty years later.

2: Surfing

If you live near the water, surfing is an excellent hobby that challenges both your body and mind.

It’s great with a friend, as you can learn the ropes together to see how big of a wave you can ride.

Or, if one of you is more experienced than the other, they can show the other how to improve.

surfing is an excellent hobby

3: Hiking

Hiking is another hobby that is both fun and increases your fitness levels.

Plus, it allows you to explore places you may never have even heard of.

After a while, you might even hike a mountain! Hiking is far better with friends, both in terms of safety and entertainment, so gather a group of you and explore what nature has to offer.

4: Yoga

Why not increase your fitness levels while hanging out? Yoga is great with friends, as you can help each other master the poses and laugh about where you went wrong.

Plus, it’s great for your body and mind.

Get yourself a yoga mat from Manduka and join a yoga class with a good friend to reap all of its benefits.

5: Book Club

Joining a book club is great, but attending your first meeting might be nerve-wracking. Eliminate those nerves by bringing a friend along!

Once a month, you and your mate can talk through the latest book with a group of like-minded, bookish individuals.

Joining a book club is great

6: Board Games

Board games don’t just consist of Scrabble and Monopoly – there is a world of board games out there just waiting to be played.

If you and your friends enjoy a good competitive game, consider getting into it together.

7: Rock Climbing

Want to test your limits? Rock climbing is fun, adventurous, and good for your health.

It might take a while for you and your friend to master the tallest wall, but when you do, you’ll feel incredibly proud of yourselves.

Rock Climbing with friends

8: Volunteering

Volunteering is a wonderful way to spend your time, and it can be even better if you do it with a friend.

Whether you are passionate about helping those with disabilities, abandoned pets, or wildlife protection, you can make the world a better place with a friend by your side.