How To Become A Successful Person: Three Key Factors In Your Success Development


Have you been told if you work hard you will be successful – your success development will take care of itself?

Have you tried that and it has not worked? Do you wonder why?

The world is full of hard-working people who struggle all their lives and never really make much progress. While we know we have to apply ourselves and work hard if we want to reach a certain goal, how come it does not work for everyone?

The reason is hard work is only one of the factors.

Smart Hard Work

Hard work is one of the key factors in success development but it has to be directed in the right way. The real key is smart hard work.

If you have thought through what you want to achieve and then made sure it is something you can achieve, you then need to look for the most effective ways of getting it.

Smart hard work is effective hard work.

The fact is there is always a better way of doing things and you need to find that better way. This does not mean you should take short cuts and look for the easy way. It means you look for the more effective way.

This might mean taking shortcuts, but not because they are easier but because they are more effective.

You are then working hard more effectively. This will contribute to your success development and get you closer to your goals.

Use Time Effectively

Learn to manage your time as you do your work. If you are going to work effectively you need to manage time so you are able to achieve maximum results in the time you have available.

If you do not do this you will be caught up in the seemingly never-ending days of work when there is never enough time to do the things you have to do. You become tired and less effective.

A simple way to do this is to write a list of the jobs you have for the day, give them a priority and allot a time frame for each. This will not always work out exactly as you plan but you will be spending time on the things that matter.

If you spend most of your time on activities that are important to your career or your success development you will be working effectively.

Control The Way You Think

Your success development will depend on your self-discipline as much as on any other factor.

Once you decide what you want and you are continually looking for the most effective ways of working and managing your time, you have to dedicate yourself to following through with consistent action.

You need to stay motivated and this can be challenging. One of the best ways to do this is to keep reminding yourself of what you are trying to do and why.

There is an old saying, “Your attitude determines your altitude”. In other words, you will be as successful as your mental outlook allows you to be.

That’s why it is important to find the right mind power technique, whether it is Emotional Freedom Techniques or Hypnotherapy, to work hand in hand with the other factors.

These will keep you motivated and focused, and they will help remove any mental barriers to your success.

The combination of these factors can be a powerful force to motivate you to reach your goals and become a successful person.


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