Loving Silver for its Industrial, Sleek, High-Tech, and Modern Vibe


Are there any golden rules for wearing the color silver in an evening gown, a pair of awesome boots, or as a decorative accessory on your workspace?

No, not really!

While we might think of silver as the perfect holiday color, it’s a go-to alternative to black and adds that something special when you are not in the mood for bright colors.

Ready or not, fashion authorities are buzzing that the metallic trend is on the rise and likely here to stay.

Some might be reading this and thinking that they have always been true to metallic gold or silver.

We know that most often shine and sparkle are reserved for nights on the town or a New Year’s Eve party.

The easiest way to embrace this trend, if you have not already, is to pick a fashion piece that you love and that makes you feel confident.

A stunning custom evening gown or a terrific pair of shoes.  If wearing this trend is not your thing, opt for an accessory for your home.

Why are metallics hot right now? It’s as if these shiny finishes are bringing the party spirit back for all of us.

As with many fashion trends, the start happened in a previous decade.

Some may remember the 1980’s with shoulder-padded dresses and blazers that were covered in metallic material.

That trend likely started in the 1960s when metallic purses were the rage. Move over disco girl because here comes a new way to wear metallic that’s modern and sleek.

One of the easiest ways to embrace the silver metallic trend is to balance it out with a neutral outfit.

To get started, take a look at the Rayna Silver Metallic Leather Boots from Rag & Co. These are perfect for a night on the town when the thought of strappy heels just won’t do.

What we love most is that this brand is focused on stylish and sleek footwear with ergonomic design.

The company has a passion for the environment and is thoughtful about its packaging and materials.

That’s a lot to love!

RagNCo Silver Boot

Based in Miami, fashion lover and founder of Donna Leah Designs, designer Donna Leah, embraces shine as much as she does bold colors.

Her most recent collection of custom evening gowns feature sequins and metallic materials.

Black is basic, sophisticated, and gives a nod to being edgy. Bright colors, which the brand is known for, are fun, playful, and really let a woman stand out.

Metallics, on an emotional level, provide the same effect.  It’s sophisticated and versatile while being trendy and a bit rebellious.

Donna Leah Designs Silver

For those that would rather accessorize a home office than themselves, a custom desk mat that gives an industrial vibe is just the solution.

It’s a way to give your workspace a style upgrade while keeping your space free of scratches and dust.

And for those who like a soft surface for gaming or working with a mouse, Love Desk Mats have a soft 3mm neoprene fabric mat and a non-slip natural rubber backing.

Love Desk Mats