What can you do to Create a Unique Gift?

Giving a present is fun, but it's even more fun if you make it personal :) :)


10 tips for finding a unique gift:

  • Watch what the other person lets go in conversations

Pay close attention to what the other person lets go of when you are talking to them. Very often they let themselves know what they like to do or what they value (“I think it would be nice to …” or for example frustration about a tracksuit that is not good). This makes choosing a gift a lot easier and is very personal.

  • Ask yourself the right questions

Some examples, with which you probably already come to mind a number of topics: Why is the person busy with and looking into (a subject that fits a good book? Is the person looking for a house?), What passions play a role in his / her life, at what times do you see the person genuinely enjoying themselves (Italian ice cream, so that you can give a strip card of the ice cream parlour?), what important decisions does the person currently have in his life or what would you like someone want to give (a bit of fun or relaxation because the person is so busy?).

  • Personal and personalized

Giving a present is fun, but it’s even more fun if you make it personal. This is very easy with a Polaroid photo of you together with a text in the background or a handwritten card. Not only write a general text on the card but also why you want to give them a nice gift. You can of course also personalize a product or packaging with a photo or name, such as a leather apron with name. Something personal is always well received!

  • Ask yourself why you want to give a gift

How much does the recipient mean to you? Is it just someone you know and you don’t want to put in so much effort? Or is it a friend and do you really have a connection with that person? In the latter case, you will want to do your best for an original gift. Although the person will often have ‘normal’ birthday, the underlying idea will also be thanked. What do you want to thank the person for, what does the person do to maintain your relationship? List these things and give compliments, for example on a birthday card. That will be appreciated and will make the search for a gift easier. After all, you realize what you are doing it for.

  • No obvious reason for giving

Actually, this is a successor to the previous point (ask yourself why you want to give a gift). Sometimes there are birthdays where it is ‘normal’ to give a gift where you feel obliged to give something. Because arriving with nothing is silly, right? Keep clear to yourself who you want to give that original gift and who not. Always ask yourself how much time and energy your relationship is worth and whether you want to grow your relationship or not.

  • A homemade gift

With a homemade gift, you express that you want to invest time and energy in the other. Not only have you taken the time to come up with a suitable and original gift, but you have gone a step further by making (part of) the gift yourself. Homemade gifts really don’t have to be very skimpy. For example, you can print a photo of yourself by you together. If you have no inspiration, Etsy and Pinterest are full of creative ideas that you can get started with.

Spontaneity: Surprise For Someone

The slightly nervous feeling in your stomach when you receive a gift as a child, isn’t that fantastic? That excited feeling is still in use, only we no longer expressed it as before. However, the effect is no less: spontaneously receiving a gift has unprecedented positive consequences for your mood and the mutual relationship between giver and recipient! Giving at an unexpected moment is already original in itself.

  • Focusing too much on the impact of a gift

When the search for a gift begins, a lot of questions arise. Is my idea original enough? And what will the other person find? The fact that you put energy into it and dare to be different, says enough. Keep the search open and dare to let it go. Good and original ideas come when you don’t expect them.

  • Give your time as a gift

You can also give your time as a gift to someone who can use your help, SoChicken said. Create a gift voucher and give your time as a coach, help someone build a community on social media or build a website, a 3-course dinner or as a gardener. Cheap, original and you spend valuable time together.

  • Giving from your ego

Do not give too expensive gifts or gifts that are over the top to prove yourself or because they also gave you an expensive gift.


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