In the modern era, everyone around the world is slowly but surely getting conscious and alert about the favoritism depending on Racism.

But sadly darker-skinned African American women are still receiving the Mammy treatment in the entertainment industry.

Colorism Reveals Many Shades

Colorism is the prejudicial treatment of people from the same race based on their skin tone.

The urgency of addressing the problem and starting a movement to put an end to it is long overdue.

Full-time model and actress Tikima Bowers best known for her starring role as Justice in the new crime drama Justice Through Redemption is breaking that very stereotype.

In the US, colorism started evolving in the late 1700s when enslavement of people was still a very common practice.

The enslavers used to give biased treatment and privileging those with the lighter complexion to their skins.

And this unjust behavior is still in practice in the African American community as well as the casting directors in Hollywood.

Because fairer skin is still being associated with beauty, darker-skinned black women in the movie industry are still at a disadvantage. 

Filmmaker “Walt Diddy” against Prejudicial Treatment

African American filmmaker Walt Diddy has gone against this biased behavior and prejudicial treatment his casting of the crime drama Justice through Redemption.

The movie is written and directed by Mr. Diddy who consciously introduces the beauty and talent of Ms. Bowers along with prowess of all the African American women in the cast not just the ones with lighter skin tones.

The Entertainment industry has yet to represent the beauty of all African American women, says Walt Diddy who’s made the commitment to ensure that the spectacular allurement of all women of color is portrayed in his movies.

Tikima Bowers is starring in the movie Justice Through Redemption, but sources tell us that Ms. Bowers is more honored to be acting alongside other talented African American

co-stars in the movie such as Demi Johnson, Nachela Knox, and Monica Crumpler who all have resonating beauty and excellent acting skills.

Tikima Bowers has shown her talent and mastery of acting in the movie by playing a complex character with an unexplained past.

Natural Grace in a World

Proud of her natural grace in a world where skin fairing creams are the biggest seller throughout the world, a change like Tikima as a starring actress is necessary in order to bring change to the movie industry.

Discrimination is the pink elephant in the room that no one speaks about.

Unless more women of color and all shades begin to take control of her destiny and speak out about this issue it will continue to go ignored throughout the world.

The word colorism doesn’t even exist on the official records in the dictionary yet it’s practiced every day in the biggest movie industry of the world.

Regardless of the color tone of their skin and or her background screenwriter, director Walt Diddy will continue to cast the best actor for the role.

More directors and filmmakers in Hollywood should take notice that the current casting procedures are diseased with stereotypes of African American women in the Eurocentric sense.

One can’t deny the negative impact of hiring cast based on colorism and how that rejection emotionally destroys good women and offends women of all races.

The change that is made by movies like Justice Through Redemption will pave the way for a clearer and better future for the movie industry.

By: Pop GreenFreelance movie blogger


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