Phoenix Pawn Shop

The holidays are over and hopefully, all the bills are paid, but you may still be feeling the financial effects.

The mortgage is due again and utilities expect payment but the bank account remains low on funds.  What are you going to do?

Consider a local Phoenix pawn shop like Arizona Jewelry and Loan in Scottsdale.  They can be a genuine source of money you may have never thought about.

Take a careful look around your home.  Most of the items we own, all of our prized possessions, are worth money.

They can assist us in getting over the financial humps we experience in life.  We are not talking about selling your belongings, only using the items as security against a loan to get some instant cash.

Within a few months, you pay off the loan and get your belongings back.  Millions of people do this every year, and you can too.

Pawning items is a great option for anyone in need of immediate cash.  Quickly grab a few of your favorite possessions that you really are not using right now.

We all have at least a few sitting around in our home.

When you feel you have nothing to pawn, consider some of these following ideas.

What to Pawn

What to Pawn

You can choose to pawn gold or silver items, even bronze statues. Platinum is another metal that some dealers will work with.

Old sterling silver flatware, trays, or tea sets and old gold pieces such as class rings, lighters, or even dental gold can all bring you the money you need quickly.

Look for items made by Tiffany and other known reputable merchants.  Collector coins in silver or gold are minted throughout the world.

If you possess a few of these coins they can make excellent collateral for a pawn loan.

Gold, silver, and platinum jewelry, with or without diamonds or other gemstones, is another favorite item to use as collateral for a pawn loan.

Rings, earrings, pendants, and chains can all be used as collateral for a loan or sold out right at a pawn shop.

Fine jewelry by Bulgari, Cartier, or Mikimoto can bring top dollar.  Native American jewelry can also be used as security for a collateral loan.

Watches can be used as collateral too.  Some of the brands that are favored by pawn shops include Ball, Breitling, Cyma, Omega, Cartier, and Hamilton.

Always try to bring in watches that are in working order and clean.

If the watch no longer runs you can bring it to a pawn shop as the watch may still be worth some money, but be prepared that it may not be salvageable.

Guns are another favorite thing to pawn.  You may have that gun for protection, but you can probably get by without it for a few months when money is really tight.

Clean up your gun.  Be sure it is in working order.  Then head to the pawn shop.

Favorite guns of pawn brokers include Beretta, Browning, Bushmaster, Glock, Remington, Sig Sauer, Smith & Wesson, and Winchester.

Almost any working gun can bring you some money at a Phoenix pawn shop.

Think of all the things you dust once a week.  Collectables and antiques can be pawned.

If you have old fountain pens or desk sets, antique toys, or picture frames that are in good condition consider using them as security for a loan at a Phoenix pawn shop.

War or election memorabilia is another category of items that can be suitable as collateral.  Even early American furniture and pottery can be used as security.

Use your imagination.  If you think that an item has value bring it in for an appraisal and let us decide.

You might be surprised.

More about Pawn Loans

More about Pawn Loans

Our main business at Arizona Jewelry and Loan is providing money loans based on the value of the items you are interested in pawning.

You do not need to worry about your credit score because we will never look at it.

There is no need for a bank account either.   The loan is only based on the value of the security items you provide and nothing else.  It is not influenced by your individual credit score or bank account.

It is not based on the individual person; it is based solely on the items you bring us.

You will get the cash you need quickly.  We pride ourselves on being fast and easy.  Then you will start paying back the loan month by month.  Once you have completed all your payments you will get your items back.

Because we value our customers we care for your pawned items carefully, keeping them in the same original condition as when you brought them in.

Remember that pawing is not like recycling.  You are not taking aluminum cans, glass bottles, or newspapers to the recyclers for cash.

When pawning, the plan is for you to receive the items back.  We only hold the objects until you pay back the loan.

Pawning is not about selling off stolen goods.  You will be required to provide information about yourself and a valid ID such as a driver’s license.

Remember that, if you feel we are being exceptionally nosey, it is for your safety.

Pawn shops want to keep both the shop and the customer safe and getting a lot of specific information is one way.

Some of the information will be provided to law enforcement to check against stolen item logs.

A Pawn Shop Code of Ethics

Pawn Shop Code of Ethics

Most people do not think of pawn shops as necessarily being ethical, but they really are just like every other business when it comes to functioning in a lawful and ethical way.

The United States National Pawnbrokers Association actually has a code of ethics for their pawn broker members.

They are serious about keeping pawning on the good end of the business spectrum, not the seedy, dirty, low end.

Their members are expected to be committed to making positive contributions to the profession.  The Association wants its members to contribute to professional and personal development of fellow pawn brokers.

Through the Association, members are encouraged to discuss their problems and issues and to learn from each other.

When a new problem arises for a pawn broker member they encourage that person to contact other members to discuss how they have dealt with the problem, using the collective years of knowledge that the membership brings to the Association.

The NPA advocates for pawnbroker rights and for them to be responsible businessmen. 

The organization works to enhance and promote the positive and professional side of pawn brokering.  They work to improve the image of pawning to the public.

The code of ethics states that each member should strive to conduct their business in a manner that will enhance and promote the positive and professional image of pawning.

The members are expected to keep their places of business in a condition that will reflect a positive image and they are to run their business with the utmost of responsibility and integrity.

Pawn brokers are expected to be fair, honest and forthright as they strive to provide their services with a high level of professionalism and integrity.

They are expected to obey all laws and regulations of the jurisdiction in which their shops reside.

If they know of a problem, they are to assist in prosecution of any pawn broker who is breaking the law.

Whenever possible, they should strive to establish a positive relationship with local, state, and federal government offices and officials.

The National Pawnbrokers Association wants all pawn brokers to work together.

They expect their members to maintain a united commitment to respect and defend the constitutional rights and the fiscal well-being of Associations members and their customers.

The Association really advocates for everyone involved in the pawning system, including the consumers.

They know that if the public does not feel comfortable and safe going to and using a pawnshop that the pawn business cannot thrive.

If you are still wondering about the integrity and dependability of pawn shops, remember that the pawn industry is one of the most heavily regulated providers of consumer financial services.

At the Federal level, there are more than 14 statutes and regulations that apply to pawning.  These include consumer protection and anti-money laundering laws.

State and local laws govern other facets of pawn dealings such as interest rates and fees, loan length and grace period, redemption process, record-keeping, and transaction reporting.

And pawn brokers never want to take in stolen property.

There are systems in place to help watch for stolen property and to thwart thieves from bringing in items to pawn.

Remember that Phoenix pawn shops are there to serve you, the customer.  Most are independently owned and operated by respectable businessmen.

Pawn shops are no longer seedy, dingy, cramped stores.  Arizona Jewelry and Loan wants you to be happy with the service we provide and will strive to meet your needs.

You may be surprised by our store and the customer service you receive, but we are a modern, reputable business like any other.