When buying a wig for the first time, regardless of whether you are buying it for yourself or as a gift, it can be challenging to decide which curl pattern to go for.

There are several variables to choose from when it comes to buying a wig.

Today I will help you decide which curl pattern should you choose.

More specifically, I will be talking about Body Wave vs Deep Wave. What are the differences and similarities between these two curl patterns?

I will be going over the features, drawbacks, and advantages of the Body Wave and Deep Wave hair with the assumption that you have already decided which hair type and region to get.

If you have not yet decided whether to get Remy Indian Hair or Malaysian hair, I would suggest you make this decision before deciding on the curl pattern.

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Body Wave Hair

body wave hair


When it comes to the different types of curl patterns, Body wave is widely considered to be the least curly type. That is except the straight hair.

The best way we can describe this curl pattern is by using the ‘S’ character of English.

The body wave hair has a curl that looks like the ‘S’ character.

If you are looking for hair that is easy to maintain and does not require many products, you can go for the body wave hair.

Keep in mind that other than the straight hair, the body wave is the least curly type. If you are getting body wave hair, I would say go for the best body wave hair wigs.

One of the disadvantages is the lack of curl retention.

This means that when you curl the body wave hair, it loses the curls very easily and quickly.

And then the hair basically looks very similar to straight hair.

Deep Wave Hair

deep wave hair


The deep wave curl pattern is exactly what the name suggests.

Unlike the body wave curl, which is probably the least curly pattern, the deep wave hair is the curliest hair when we talk only about the wavy patterns.

We are not talking about the jerry curly and kinky curly type.

Of course, those are the curliest type, but when it comes to the wavy category, the deep wave has a very pronounced and deep pattern.

Again unlike the body wave, deep wave hair requires a lot of products and care to maintain its looks.

If your lifestyle does not suit this kind of hair, and you can not take out time to maintain the deep wave hair then I would recommend you avoid getting it.

There is no point in getting hair which won’t last your time.

But if your lifestyle lets you have some free time and you don’t go out as much, then feel free to choose the deep wave curls.

That’s it, Now you should be able to better identify and make the right decision of whether to go for body wave or deep wave.

I hope this article helped you figure out the differences and similarities.