Psychology of Tattoos

Tattoos have been around for centuries, and while we might immediately think of modern flashes when we are presented with the word tattoo, there is a much deeper history.

Ancient tribes adorned themselves with tattoos for many suspected reasons such as pain relief, spiritual protection, and as a symbolic representation of status and religion, to name a few.

While modern tattoos in the west used to be reserved for the rebels, the punk rockers, those who wanted people to know they were different from the crowd – and not to forget the association with crime – tattoos have now found a proud commonplace among everyone from all different identities, professions, and backgrounds.

So, why exactly do people get tattoos now, and is there still some common ground from centuries ago?

Let us take a look.

Personal Meaning

One of the main reasons that people choose to get a tattoo is to do with a personal meaning.

This could be anything from a precious memory that someone does not want to forget, important words, a tattoo that can serve as a constant reminder, or a picture or logo representing something special to them.

We often have a deep need to keep hold of moments that are special to us, and having these turned into a tattoo can create an idea of permanence that we can keep with us wherever we go.

Modification For Enhancement

Tattoos, piercings, makeup, and hair dye are all just a few of the ways in which many people try to modify themselves to create what they perceive to be an enhanced look.

Tattoos can give people an edgy look that they are going for and help them feel more confident and emboldened in their appearance.

Tattoos can give people an edgy look

A Statement of Identity

Much like our choice of clothes and sense of style, a tattoo can serve as a badge of honor when it comes to how we represent ourselves and what we want to put out into the world.

This could be anything from the simple enjoyment of art, a specific passion, a status or belonging to a ‘group’ (a band tattoo for example), or even a subconscious message such as ‘I am not fearful of something painful’, which tattoos notoriously are.

As we grow and change, there will be certain things we do not identify with anymore, so head to Counterpunch Tattoo Removal for a change if you feel that your current tattoos don’t represent you.

A Form of Expression

We all express ourselves in different ways. Whether it is through the clothes we wear, the songs we sing, how we do our makeup, or what we create.

Tattoos can very much be an extension of that. They can express how we are feeling at a particular time in our lives and tell a story of things we have loved or cared for deeply.

Even impulse tattoos that have no intrinsic meaning can tell a story.

There are many reasons people choose to get tattoos, but if you are curious as to why someone, in particular, has one, you might just have to ask them!