How to Use Hair Straightening Iron

Hair straightening iron or hair straightener iron is one of the easiest ways to have straight hair.

In just a few minutes you can achieve that straight hair you have always wanted.

Although it’s only a temporary solution to having straight hair, still, lots of people around the world use it.

This could probably be because the hair straightening iron is perhaps the cheapest ways to getting straight hair and is easy to use.

With the many types of hair straightener iron out in the market, it would be best if you bought those hair straighteners from ceramic hair straightener Company, that the straightening iron will not damage of the hair.

Using a hair straightening iron is indeed easy but in order to avoid hair damage, it would help if you found out more about the proper ways of using it.

Using a hair straightening iron

First of all, when you are about to use a hair straightener iron, make sure that your hair is washed and clean.

Before pressing the hair with the iron, you may want to make sure that your hair is dry (not unless your hair straightening iron is applicable to wet hair) and you may place a protective formula on your hair if you have one.

Remember that even damp hair can be extremely damaged if you use it with a hair straightening iron.

You may also want to make sure that you have combed your hair thoroughly to remove tangles or frizzes or knots.

Prepare with your hair clamps or hairpins which will be used to section hair.

In order to get a more beautiful result, you may want to start ironing the bottom layer first so put your hair up using the hair clamps and pins.

Making Use of Hair Straightener Iron

Making Use of Hair Straightener Iron

To make sure that your hair straightening iron is already set, you may want to get a tissue paper.

To test the temperature, place the damp tissue in between the plates for a few seconds.

If you notice that a little steam has come out it’s okay but if the tissue gives out smoke or discoloration is noted, the hair straightening iron may be too hot and you may want to adjust the temperature lower or if your iron doesn’t have one, you may want to unplug it for a few minutes before starting to use it.

A half-inch thick of hair should be pressed in between the plates to get a straighter finish.

You may want to repeat the ironing of your hair twice or thrice depending on how your hair responds to the iron.

Allow hair to cool for a while and after which comb hair to give a sleeker look.

Continue doing this until you have completely ironed all of your hair and you may want to go back ironing parts of the hair to finish the look.

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