How To Save Money 5 Simple Tricks

If you’re feeling the pinch as much as I am then you’ve probably given some thought to how on earth you’re going to reduce your outgoings.

There are many tips on how to save money out there but I think if you remember the following 5 rules you’ll make a cracking start.

1. Shop Online

shop online

You can save a lot of money by doing your shopping online, for more than one reason.

If you do your grocery shopping online, it stops you from picking up all those impulses buys that you could easily live without.

Think about it, how many times do you pick up extra things because they just look nice or you’ve got a craving for that box of chocolates you saw on special offer?

They may appear a bargain having been reduced to £20 from £25 but actually, all you’re doing is spending an extra £20 not saving £25!

2. Join a Cashback Shopping website

Cashback Shopping

Another method of saving by doing your shopping online is to use a cashback website.

These sites have started to pop up now because most online retailers or service providers will pay a commission to these sites for sending your business their way.

The cashback site then splits that commission with you, the shopper, so you actually get some money back on your purchase.

Once the purchase has been completed the cashback site gets paid the commission for the sale and a portion of that commission is passed back to the customer, it’s as simple as that.

For example, if you shop top brands through a cashback website, you get the same product, at the same price, but on top of that you’ll get up to 10% cash back depending on the commission rate paid by the store.

You can do this for anything from clothing, insurance policies, utility suppliers, tickets, and even your grocery shopping.

Using Cashback Sites To Save Money & Stay Fashionable

Save Money & Stay Fashionable

You simply have to register to the cashback site then choose the store that you wish to purchase from by clicking through one of the links to the store provided by the site.

A leading brand like Zaful discounts can be earned just by clicking through to zaful cashback and then shopping exactly as you would normally on their website.

Even you can get up to 16% of your purchase back when you shop with top brands.

These are just a few of the ways to save money when shopping online, using discount codes, cashback, and comparison you should never have to pay full price again!

3. Stop using the Car Wash

using the Car Wash

Yes I know, it’s nobody’s favorite job but get your bucket and sponge out and save £20 every time you wash your car.

If you wash it once a week then that’s a saving of £100 per month!

4. Take a Packed Lunch to Work

Packed Lunch
Japanese lunch box

This has got to be the simplest and quickest tip on how to save money that you will ever hear, and you’ve probably even given this thought before but perhaps never quite made the jump to making your own lunch.

If you buy lunch every day it’s quite likely you’re spending at least £10-£15 per day.

That’s £70-£100 per week and can result in you spending hundreds, maybe even thousands of pounds a year!

By making your own lunch you can feed yourself for less than £5 per day and all it takes is 10 minutes of your time to prepare.

A worthy time investment to save those precious pounds.

5. Shop Around for your Insurance

car insurance savings
Car insurance, sell and buy car

Whether it’s for your car, home, or otherwise, it’s absolutely imperative that you check some prices before automatically renewing with your current insurer.

It’s a well-known fact that new customers get quoted massively cheaper prices than existing ones so make sure you check out the competition.

Most companies would rather match your cheapest quote than lose your business so it really pays to do your research.

There are so many other tips on how to save money but I’ve found the above to be the simplest and easiest ones to implement without changing your life too much.

Good luck!


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