SHOO APPAREL Tops With Built-in Mask & Germ-Resistant Fabric

SHOO Smart Armor Collection—Kills Germs & Bacteria Using Innovative Swiss Technology

SHOO Smart Armor Collection

Everyone wants to protect themselves and those they are in close contact with from dangerous germs and bacteria.

However, most people have been unable to achieve this in the past due to a lack of quality protective clothing.

A US-based apparel company has made it possible to protect ourselves from microbes, germs, and bacteria while looking stylish at the same time.

SHOO has designed Smart Armor Collection clothing infused with HeiQ V-Block antimicrobial technology to kill germs and bacteria.

These clothes are made with quality Italian fabrics that boast superior breathability, cooling effect, moisture control, and many other qualities you may be looking for in protective clothing.

SHOO protective clothes are exceptionally constructed to guarantee comfort, durability, and functionality.

Along with protecting against germs and bacteria, they offer UV protection.

Smart Armor Collection clothes will certainly look good on you while helping to keep away microbial infections.

SHOO has created three innovative tops that come with a Removable Stylish Mask.

They include: SHOO FLY, SHOO SKIN, and SHOO CROP. The turtleneck masks can be sold separately.



Comprises of a soft, plush classic top and a detachable turtleneck mask with comfortable ear holes.

It is made of 62% organic cotton and 38% vegetal fibre from Pyrates.

SHOOAPPAREL fabric improves blood circulation and enhances muscle relaxation.

It retains warmth and protects you from UV rays and other harmful emissions.

SHOO FLY is unisex, comes in a variety of sizes &colors, and can be worn in three ways.

You can wear it as a turtleneck, remove the turtleneck, or convert it into a face mask.

SHOO SKIN (women’s)

SHOO SKIN (women’s)

Made with 87% microtencel and 13% elastane, this apparel is super breathable, safe on skin, provides a cooling effect, and helps with sweat management.

It’s infused with antimicrobial technology to protect against harmful germs and bacteria.

Clothing Itself Kill Germs & Bacteria Using Silver And Vesicle Technology

It features long cuffs with or without faux fur.

SHOO SKIN comes in different bust sizes and colors, allowing you to choose something that suits your needs.

The detachable turtleneck can be converted into a face mask or headband.

You can also wear it as a turtleneck or without the neckpiece to create a different look.

SHOO CROP (women’s)

SHOO CROP (women’s)

This one comes as a top combined with a long funnel neck—the neck is not detachable.

It boasts superior construction, high-quality fabric, UV protection, and a variety of designs.

SHOO CROP black is slightly longer in the back and contains sequins side inset detail.

SHOO CROP red comes with faux leather side inset detail. You can wear the funnel neck as a hood.



Made with thick and super soft 87% biodegradable microtencel fabric and 13% elastane, these protective unisex masks provide amazing comfort.

They are infused with antimicrobial HeiQ V-Block technology to kill bacteria on the fabric surface.

They fit comfortably around your face and include ear holes that hold the mask up to the face.

They come in two sizes—regular and large, and its available in seven colors.

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