4 Best Gifts for Vegans

More people than ever are choosing a vegan lifestyle.

There are many reasons to use plant-based products, including benefits for our health and the environment.

Are you searching for a quality vegan gift?

Check out our list of must-have products! You’ll find vegan best-sellers and some of the most practical, valuable items for the plant-based home.

Discover something thoughtful for everyone on your list, including foodies and beauty lovers.

Now, let’s get shopping!

1. Vegan Chocolate

Vegan and plant-based foods have come a long way. Whether you’re shopping online or in stores, you’ll find plenty of delicious treats and snacks made without animal products.

If you’re giving a food gift, be sure to offer something sweet and tasty.

Desserts and craft products are among the most memorable. We love giving rich and flavorful vegan chocolate because it’s 100% plant-based and organic.

You can’t go wrong with dense, fudgy vegan chocolate bars made with pure cacao and organic cocoa butter.

Other favorite gifts include lush, fruit-forward dark chocolate and delicious plant-based oat milk chocolate.

Let them discover something new with oat milk white chocolate or the bold flavor of oat milk chocolate with bold coffee truffles.

Are you looking to give the gift of variety? Pick up a few vegan chocolate gift boxes! Choose from bundles of responsibly sourced dark chocolate showcasing the flavors of Peru and Ghana.

If they’re fans of unique flavors, they’ll like almond and sea salt-filled dark chocolate or oat milk chocolate with vegan toffee.

Make the gift more special with a bow or colorful wrapping paper. It’ll even present well in a gift bag with colored tissue paper.

2. Plant-Based Beauty Products

If you eat a vegan diet, chances are you’re into clean and plant-based beauty products.

There are plenty of gift options in the vegan beauty world, including beautifully packaged presents that do their part to help animals and the planet.

If you know someone who’s into self-care, you can’t go wrong with a makeup set featuring vegan mascara and lipstick.

Skincare sets are always popular, especially those featuring a rich moisturizing cream and a vitamin C serum.

Vegan hand cream is always appreciated at home or the office, while a plant-based nail polish set will inspire and instill confidence.

Another idea is to make their routine more effortless with a cheek and lip balm set that works with all skin tones.

There are some other sets to try, including aromatherapy gift bundles and combination body mist and lotion sets.

There are so many vegan scents out there that you can transport someone to a lush garden or a tropical vacation.

You can even find vegan-friendly teeth whitening kits. Finish your thoughtful gift with a jade face roller or a hair brush made with bamboo and natural fibers.

Vegan-Friendly Kitchen Items

3. Vegan-Friendly Kitchen Items

Everyone who eats a plant-based or vegan diet will appreciate helpful tools for the kitchen.

You’ll help them cut down on the time and energy it takes to make a meal with user-friendly gadgets for cooks of all skill levels.

Nut milk makers are one of the most popular gifts right now. While they’ll save money and make delicious nut milk, they’re also an affordable gift.

With a nut milk maker, you can blend your choice of nuts or grains to make the creamy milk you love.

We recommend purchasing one made with stainless steel to ensure it lasts longer.

Multi-cookers and food steamers are standout gifts. While they make lunch and dinner more fun and straightforward, every household can use them.

A tofu press is fun and makes meatless meals in less time, while bamboo cutting boards look luxe without the hefty price tag.

If you know someone new to a vegan lifestyle, get them a high-quality Asian-style wok or a stainless steel colander or strainer.

They’ll be using these items often while cooking in the plant-based kitchen.

Other must-have kitchen gadgets for the vegan or vegetarian in your life include an immersion blender and a handheld zester. Impress the home chef with a food processor or a citrus juicer.

If you know a plant-based home baker, you can include vegan baking essentials with tools like candy thermometers or spatulas.

Some baking must-haves include roasted cacao nibs and unsweetened cocoa powder. Combine it all together in a wicker gift basket or a canvas-painted gift bag.

Plant-Based Subscriptions

4. Plant-Based Subscriptions

A subscription is a gift that keeps on giving (and lasts all year long!) Vegan subscription products will ensure they get the items they need whenever they want them.

You’ll find subscriptions for everything plant-based, including dark chocolate bars and a variety of snack boxes for those who like something salty.

Some services will send healthy and wholesome superfoods straight to their doorstep, while others offer groceries and recipes to help make meal time simpler.

If you like to shop locally, your community could offer vegan meal delivery services. In addition, plant-based vitamin subscriptions help cut down on their grocery list.

You can even get plant-based beauty and skincare subscriptions. If you really want to impress, you can give a gift set and include a subscription in a card.

Be sure to have instructions on how long the service lasts and what they can expect from the products and delivery process.

Giving Memorable and Useful Vegan Gifts

Vegan gifts are always fun to give because they’re unique and promote wellness.

When you offer something plant-based to someone you love, you’re helping animals and the environment.

You’re also encouraging better health.

This list is sure to give you inspiration for the next special event. Add a heartfelt note for a personal touch, and your present will be both useful and memorable.