Second Nature Diet Review

When I first started adopting the Second Nature diet, I had a variety of objectives in mind.

Although, I have outside concerns and influences, just like anyone else that will undoubtedly impact my time pursuing Second Nature and its outcomes.

Of course, everyone’s expectations and struggles with this diet will be different, but maybe you will read my second nature review and find that my thoughts are similar to yours.

Could Second Nature Weight Loss Be Possible?

I’ve lost weight before and felt so much happier and more at ease as a smaller person, so weight loss is, of course, a top priority for me.

However, I want to make sure it’s long-term and that I’m eating healthy foods. I’m also well aware that I have a personality that is prone to addiction.

In order to lose weight, I am determined not to slip into any bad habits.

A Healthier Diet Following Second Nature

Even when I was “on track” with Slimming World, I was aware that as a vegetarian, I may not be getting all of the nutrients I need.

I don’t eat fish or meat because I’m a vegetarian, but I do eat eggs, milk, and cheese. Prior to this, I was aware that my balanced calcium supplement didn’t provide me with my maximum RDA of calcium.

I’m still concerned about other nutrients whose effects I might not be completely aware of.

I’d rather not take supplements, so I’m hoping to get all of my recommended daily nutrients from food alone.

I’ve spent years following Slimming World and eating a lot of white rice and pasta. Also, I found I was consuming a lot of sweeteners in the form of yogurts, beverages, and other foods.

Despite the fact that these are low in calories, as someone with a sweet tooth, I found myself eating a lot of them.

Improvement To Bowel Habits

Improvement To Bowel Habits And Reduced Constipation

For a long time, I’ve struggled with constipation.

I’m assuming that this is due to my body’s dislike of a balanced diet! I wondered if I wasn’t getting enough fiber or something, but I’m not a nutritionist and assumed that any balanced eating plan would take care of that.

I’m not sure whether it does for the majority of people! I suppose a lot of things have an effect on our bodies.

Drinking-Water and Consuming Enough Calcium

Since starting the Second Nature diet, I’ve begun to add milk to my coffee and limit myself to one or two cups a day.

I’ve been eating cereal for breakfast and sometimes adding cheese to my meals, but I’ve never bothered to measure them.

I believe I am consuming more calcium than I was previously, but it is difficult to say.

Another thing I’ve avoided doing is drinking carbonated beverages on a daily basis, preferring to save them for special occasions.

Squash is now my go-to beverage during the day. This has made me feel more refreshed, I’ve noticed. This is probably due to the fact that I am more hydrated.

Protein as a Vegetarian on Second Nature

Protein as a Vegetarian Second Nature

I’ve never consumed a lot of protein-rich foods as a vegetarian. I’m not a huge fan of Quorn and just eat it a few days a week, along with eggs.

I had to add protein to my meals as part of the Second Nature curriculum, which I initially found difficult.

I’d been so used to following the Slimming World plan that the thought of adding nuts or seeds to a meal seemed absurd.

I did note that I didn’t feel as complete on the meals where I didn’t add protein. I’ve grown accustomed to considering the protein content of my meals.

When I don’t have eggs, tofu, or Quorn, I’m more comfortable adding nuts or seeds.

Overall Thoughts of the Second Nature Diet

On the Second Nature diet plan, I’ve been really pleased with how I’ve been eating.

When I ate at home, all of my meals were filling, delicious, and nutritious, and when I ate out, I was less worried about being on or off schedule.