How to Maximize Propane Delivery Efficiency

How to Maximize Propane Delivery Efficiency

Propane is an energy-efficient way to heat your home and a great alternative to electricity.

It provides outstanding home comfort, laundry, and cooking convenience while also helping you reduce your carbon footprint.

With propane prices soaring this winter, everyone is looking for ways to minimize their heating costs.

Fortunately, there are many simple ways to maximize propane delivery efficiency this winter.

Work with a Reliable Company

Propane is essential for many businesses, from ice road trucking to home heating.

It is, therefore, necessary to work with a company that can provide dependable service during the winter months.

A good propane delivery company will utilize volume correction devices to ensure tanks are filled to the correct level.

It will be proactive about keeping customers updated on their delivery schedule. Slower summer months are also a great time to offer training courses to help employees prepare for the busy winter season.

From defensive driving to propane safety and marketing, educating employees can increase awareness and add value to a customer service experience.

It’s also an excellent time to investigate technological developments allowing you to stand out.

Lock in Your Rates

Many propane companies offer a price-lock option for a small fee that caps your monthly cost for a year, regardless of current market prices.

If you choose to sign up, it makes sense to do so during the summer when rates are lower. Propane pricing fluctuates throughout the year and is typically higher in winter.

When you opt for an automatic delivery service, you can avoid running out of propane (which can lead to expensive leak repairs and other fees) by being billed only for the propane you use based on smart meters and predictive demand technology.

This can save you hundreds of dollars a year.

Some companies also offer a budget-friendly payment plan without a program fee that spreads your expected annual propane expenses evenly across the year for even more peace of mind and ease with your costs.

Use a Bigger Tank

Propane is a versatile energy source that powers everything from dryers to stoves and offers outstanding energy efficiency.

Having the right size propane tank will help you avoid paying too much for frequent propane refills, keeping your energy costs down. A propane tank’s gauge reading fluctuates throughout the day.

This is because propane expands more than 17 times as it gets hotter. Tanks are typically filled to 80% capacity to prevent pressure builds and tank failure.

Marking your propane tank’s location makes it easier for a fuel truck to find and deliver a refill, even in winter.

Keep the area around your tank free of debris, vehicles, toys, junk, and any other impediments that can prevent a propane delivery truck from getting to you quickly.

Keep Your Tank Full in the Cold

Propane dealers need to be able to deliver gallons of propane quickly and efficiently.

Using volume correction devices and back-office and truck computing systems to exchange level data will help ensure better tank fills.

That, in turn, will increase productivity and reduce runouts. Check your tank gauge throughout the day. You’ll notice that the reading rises when the temperature gets warmer and then shrinks again as it cools down.

This is normal and happens in many areas, especially those with winter weather.

Summer is an excellent time to connect with customers to offer them energy-efficient home heating tips, discuss outdoor living products that use propane, and provide pricing incentives for early summer purchases.

This will help build loyalty and a solid customer base to weather the cold months ahead.

Ask About Discounts

Propane prices are based on demand, supply, and weather conditions. During these periods, prices can change significantly – and your allotted budget may not be enough to cover your propane needs. Look for discounts on propane delivery rates.

Check online comparison sites or call local suppliers to inquire about pricing in your area.

Suppliers are more likely to offer discounts to loyal customers, so establishing a long-term relationship can help you save money on propane delivery.

Shovel your driveway to provide a path for the propane delivery truck, or sign up for automatic delivery to reduce the risk of running out in freezing weather.

Keep your tank at least 30% complete to maintain positive pressure and decrease the need for a fill-up.