Makeup is Out of Date

Have a gander into someone’s makeup bag at your own risk — you may figure out a cringe-worthy hoard of years-old cosmetics.

If you purchased something because a salesperson at a beauty counter convinced you too quickly or you just have a problem with makeup hoarding (like me), you’ve also created a beauty graveyard with multiple base bottles or primer potions that you’ve pumped only once.

Not to mention the eye shadow palette from which you only used two colors, leaving the other loner colors unused.

But why do you have to let this go?

expired makeup

Well, besides the blatant signs of expiration, such as the dry mascara and the fading eye shadow, it can be difficult to tell when makeup has reached its limit.

Our favorite beauty items will last forever in a perfect world and save us too many trips to Sephora.

Yet the fact is, beauty goods do go bad regardless of whether they’re brand new or on their last leg.

Perhaps worse, if not disposed of at the proper time, they can cause skin and health problems.

“Similar to foodstuff, makeup has an expiration date, and over time cosmetics can harbor dangerous bacteria that can cause the infections, “states Dr. David Schlessinger, a board-certified oculoplastic surgeon and ophthalmologist, and medical director of Schlessinger Eye & Face. 

“The risks are multiplied when these products are shared between friends.” 

Below is exactly how to remove or retain certain items that have accumulated dust.

How to Know if Your Makeup Is Out of Date??

Surprisingly, the U.S. labeling rules do not impose an expiry date for most products, making it far more difficult to decide how long it will last.

Makeup Is Out of Date

There are some telltale signs though that your makeup has gone wrong.

Generally, the best way to tell whether a product has sufficiently served its time is by observing visual and olfactory changes.

If a product separates, changes color or consistency, or smells off, odds are it’s well past its expiration date.

Beginning from the moment you open your items first, this is the general rule of thumb that you will follow:

  • Foundation or Base: 1 year
  • Powders and shadows: 2 years
  • Cream shadows: 12-18 months
  • Lipstick & lip liner: 1 year
  • Mascara & eyeliners: 3 months

How to Prolong Your Makeup’s Shelf Life

Make sure the items are securely covered, protected from sunlight.

It is the simplest tip for preserving items that last for long. Natural sunlight will speed up a product’s aging, breaking down the active ingredients in your skincare.

Store Products in Cool Temperatures.

You don’t just have to store kombucha and midnight snacks in your fridge.

You can store your favorite skincare and makeup items too! Cooler temperatures are known to prolong shelf-life, whereas hotter temperatures accelerate skincare products ‘degradation and lifespan, particularly those with some vitamin C or retinol.

Some serums, moisturizers or oils may all be kept in the refrigerator.

During cooler days, even nail polishes may be put to prevent clumps and allow for smoother application.

Avoid Bathroom Vanity

Even though the best lighting for your morning makeup routine can be in your bathroom, the trapped steam and humidity from the shower may create mold.

It is highly recommended that anything with the lack of a good seal such as compacts, eyeshadows, and sponge applicators be placed somewhere drier to prevent bacteria from building up and mold growth.

Clean your tools Regularly

clean your makeup brushes

Use a mild detergent to clean your makeup brushes regularly.

Makeup sponges will preferably be replaced weekly (yes weekly!), or when the sponge gets dirty.


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