How Can Hydrate Face in Summer


The most exposed skin of your body is your facial skin, be it night or day. Even in the pandemic, only the nose and cheeks are covered by the mask. But, even then, unblemished facial skin is the goal and dream of one and all.

In different seasons, these routines must be switched with the appropriate products and applications, to get the desired results.

This is not a gamble, but a wise choice-making and sincere effort for face care.

The best of that face care comes with a bit of alertness and regularity of these skincare routines depicted here for summer preparedness.

You can enjoy the summer trips and delicacies with your well-wishers, and make memories through photo clicks. You would preferably want your face in those shots, to look just wonderful and full of happy features.

Dry and sunburnt skin texture would be devastating for you, and others pointing at it in the picture; or in reality. It directly means that you are careless on your part in case of proper face care.

For Fantastic Facial Care

Facial Care

For the best results on facial hydration, go for these products and procedures, in order to make the best out of the summer facial care

  1. Facial hair epilation for clear facial skin and better absorption of supplements applied externally.
  2. Face masks with pore exfoliation ( deep cleansing of facial hair follicles and pores secreting sweat and body oil) ingredients. Massage gently on their application and wash it away only after it has been rested for at least 15-30 minutes. They relax your facial features and eases your mind from the forehead coverage.
  3. Face washes with hydrating agents such as honey,  aloe vera extracts, cucumber and so on. They bring the temperature of the skin down from the torture of heatwaves in summer. The excess sebum is dealt with by them.
  4. Emollients and hydrating agents in facial Moisturizers for restoring the water content in the surface skin cells. 
  5. Facial serums with hydrating formulas and vitamin combinations such as vitamin A, C, and E, etc.
  6. Sunscreens or sunblock lotions with SPF (an acronym for sun protection factor)  and fruit extract, milk ( lactose intolerant ones can avoid this particular content) nourishing cream, spray, or lotion base; protects your skin from the harmful radiation of the glaring sun.
  7. Light makeup instead of heavy night party makeup. Choosing light-colored clothes and slight makeup with light colours on your face reflects most of the heat from the sun. Keeping your inside metabolism cool and your skin from the dangers of aging, displayed by sagging, lines, wrinkles, and dehydration-induced dark spots and sunburns.

Relive the fantasy of Younger, Hydrated Skin in Summers

facial serums for skin

For increased hydration, face masks, facial moisturizers, and face serums are more helpful in the summer times.

Facial masks could be prepared at home with skin-friendly and nourishing ingredients. And the good news is that they are also readily available in sachets and tubes.

These in the morning and evening, while at home are good ones to try. 

Secondly, the hydrating facial serums are the best in this category, to fulfill the water content in the facial skin cells. After cleansing the skin, these are to be applied by the dabbing motion of your fingers.

The serum is very light in composition as it sinks into the skin surface very quickly. Few drops are just enough for overnight application on the facial skin.

The night is the best time to apply the serum. Wait for some time, after serum application. Then only go for the moisturizers.

The facial moisturizers must be chosen carefully. And they must be applied in the required portion only.

The excess application would make your skin sticky. That welcomes the pollutants and dust from the air. The best way is to take a little amount just for the sake of hydrating the skin surface.

More application of the product does not mean more hydration and younger skin. It would result in a swamp.

What to Look for in Hydrating Moisturizers?

Hydrating Moisturizers

“Moisturizers” come first to the mind, when the softening of the skin surface is concerned.

While the serum on application requires regular use and shows results not as instant as the moisturizing creams and gels.

It takes weeks for the deeper action for which the hydrating serums are meant for.

Whereas in moisturizers,  get those that have Hyaluronic acid and dimethicone, which are the best hydrating agents.


Hence, do not let your rough skin become the summertime sadness tale. Let it spell out happy notes for yourself and others to remember the moments of summer days.

Enjoying seasons with happy faces has been the highlight of life’s changing colours.