Professional Nail Drills

What is NICBLE Rechargeable Nail Drill Machine?

Nail drill machine is one of the electric devices which is used effectively to reshape nail edges and burnish the nail surfaces.

This electric device works both on natural and artificial nails. It is rechargeable that is why it is suitable for professional salons and it is also used for personal usage.


This nail kit is multi-purpose, it is used to trim callous cuticles, sanding, polishing, removing hard gel and drilling, etc. It effectively reshapes nail edges and nails surface.

Professional Nail Drills

This nail kit has higher speed and lowers noise, stability, and less vibration.

NICBLE Rechargeable nail drill machines are extremely quiteand smooth.

Operation setting

It can be rotated in both negative and positive directions, and nails of both left and right scorpions are suitable.

By sliding speed control its speed can be adjusted 0~35000 RMP. It’s working for nail grinding is very convenient.

The Manicure drill pen is made up of fashion modeling and streamlined design, which is very comfortable and easy to grip.

A Rechargeable system is also installed in it. Once, it is charged it can be used for This machine, charge once can be used for 10 hours… Its electric pedicure tools are lightweight and compact in size.

This device is very easy to install and disassemble. When using, screw the rotary sleeve to the middle, the power of the main motor will stop immediately and the whole operation will stop to protect the motor.

This action may easily damage the machine or motor and it can also reduce the life of the motor.

Nail Drill Machine Motor

3 in 1 Nail Drill Machine:

This kit is based on the design concept of convenience for customers. NICBLE has made this rechargeable kit with three in one functions.

The back of the product is consist of nail lamp of 18W and 90s cycle to facilitate the process of your nail art.

One of the most advanced features of this Nicble Rechargeable nail drill machine is that it consists of one USB port on the side.

Which can be used as power bank for your mobile phone in any emergency case. But in this case, its supply is very short for mobile.

NICBLE Rechargeable nail drill machine is different from any other modern electric nail drill machine because it’s speed is up to 3,000 which is adjustable with characteristics of low noise and less vibration.

NICBLE Rechargeable nail drill machine is suitable for solving any kind of problem related to nails and it satisfies beginners’ and beauty hospital needs.

Β Quality file:

NICBLE Rechargeable nail drill machine is made of high-quality torque and top aluminum alloy. When too much pressure is applied, sometimes it effectively avoids occasionally stopping.

Its minor features like low noise, low vibration, and low heat make it different from any other modern electric nail drill machine and make it popular.

Comfortably can be felt when using it.

Light and portable:

This NICBLE Rechargeable nail drill machine weight is 11.85 OZ. And is the size of the palm.


You can carry it anywhere at any time just like a mobile phone. The price also is reasonable.

NICBLE Rechargeable nail drill machine contains many features like any other modern electric machine.

Because it works according to your requirements and it provides you an environment that helps to enhance the beauty of your nails.

We are glad to have this type of modern kit to serve you. We provide this rechargeable nail drill machine on order.

You just need to open our site and order this nail drill machine, we will get this done soon as soon as possible.

100% NICBLE Rechargeable nail drill machine will be delivered, which will be reliable.


NICBLE Rechargeable nail drill machine