How to Buy a Handmade Belt


A handmade belt is not just a piece of cloth or leather to hold your jeans or trousers. It can also be a unique and fashionable accessory.

If you select the right handcrafted belt, you will be able to enhance your personal style as well as express yourself.

Well, your tie can be the embodiment of your inner self, but your belt can provide proportion and balance to your body.

So, you really have to be careful when choosing and buying your accessories, especially when it comes to belts and handcrafted belt buckles.

If the handmade belt buckles you have bought do not suit your body type, your whole getup might be ruined. Your self-confidence might even be affected.

Anyway, when looking for a handcrafted belt, it is imperative that you take a look on its tag. This tag is supposed to indicate its size.

Always keep in mind that a belt with a size greater than your waistline is preferable. For instance, if your waistline is 32, you should purchase a handmade belt that is in size 36 or 40.

In addition, take its width into consideration. If its width is one or one and a half inches, then it is ideal for formal wear. You can wear it during weddings, social gatherings, or on a big date.

Just make sure that the handcrafted belt buckles are appropriately designed for the occasion. There are actually various handmade belt buckles for you to choose from.

On the other hand, if the handcrafted belt is more than two inches wide, then it would be better if you wear it on casual occasions. You can wear it on a lunch date, while strolling at the mall, or during casual parties.

Of course, you must also pick the handmade belt buckles that go well with your outfit. Make sure that the handcrafted belt and handmade belt buckles that you use are right for the occasion.

Moreover, you must always search for a belt that is not more expensive than your clothes or shoes.

This is just inappropriate. Similarly, you must also not buy a belt that is too cheap because it will only make you appear untidy or ragged.

Furthermore, the length of the handmade belt that you choose must allow you to buckle it easily and tightly. Make sure that your shoes go well with the color of your belt.

Also, keep in mind that long and flat handmade belt buckles are better paired with formal clothing while big, flashy, and bulky handmade belt buckles are ideal for casual wear and party dresses.

Then, if you are looking for a handmade belt for work, you must choose a leather one with a reflective and glossy finish. For casual events, cloth and canvas belts are the best.