21st Birthday Gift Ideas A Guide

21 is often a very special birthday and should be duly celebrated as such.

That being said, while there are the more obvious gifts that a 21-year-old might enjoy, it is also worth taking a look at some that they will not be expecting.

This can be anything from a day trip out to gifting them a personalized keepsake.

This piece is here to offer a guide on 21st birthday gift ideas so you can really spoil your loved one, so read on to find out more!

Book a Booth at A Cool Bar

Book a Booth at A Cool Bar

Bringing out the booth for a special occasion is a legit way to tell someone you want to make their night special.

There will be a good chance that you will already know what kinds of bars or clubs they like to go to, so you could either stick to a sure favorite or branch out a little, based on the knowledge you have (along with trusted reviews!).

The last thing you want on your magical, youthful party night is to have to scramble to find somewhere to sit when you need a rest from the dance floor, and the birthday person in question will most likely not want to be separated from their friends.

So, booking a booth ahead of time can help avoid all of these annoying niggly factors of a night out.

Get Personal

Your 21st is a well-known age milestone, and having something personalized to commemorate that day can be a lovely keepsake.

There are so many options of 21st birthday gifts to choose from when you are considering a personalized gift, so you can really home in on something they like.

If they are notorious bookworms, why not get them their own personalized bookmark?

If they love a good nap, then you could consider getting them a photo cushion for them to snuggle down on.

And also, do not forget to get a 21st personalized glass for the champagne too! Whatever gift you choose, going that extra mile to get it personalized will really commemorate the special occasion and will give them something to fondly treasure for years to come.

Book 21st birthday Activity

Book an Activity Day

Surprising your loved one with a pre-booked activity day for their birthday can often be a blessing in disguise.

For some, it can be overwhelming to choose what they might want to do for their birthday day and having those that they trust decide means that they can just look forward to what awaits them, rather than having to worry about a schedule.

You can gauge whether it is best to pick something you know the newly 21-year-old loves to do already or whether you want to take a gamble on something new.

There is so much to choose from now. Anything from relaxing spa days, Segway experiences, helicopter rides, or outdoor activity days. Many of which will sure to make an excellent 21st birthday gift!

It also means they will have something great to look back on when they turned 21.