When to Get New Tires

Are you aware of the early signs for when to get new tires? How often should you get new tires?

A flat tire is one of the most inconvenient things that could happen to a motorist.

It’s not just frustrating if it occurs late at night when your handset is dead. It’s downright perilous.

If you get a flat tire, you may find yourself pacing around, wondering what you did to deserve it. But making a plea with the universe is still not going to help you find a new place to live.

Please listen if this seems like your personal nightmare. By being aware of the early indications of a failing tire, you can avoid a disaster from occurring in the first place.

Continue reading to learn the four signs you need new tires.

1. Depth of the Tread

Always make sure your car tread is above or 1.6 millimeters in depth. But if you regularly drive on wet and slick surfaces, it is recommended that you have twice that size. You can purchase a gauge to help you measure the tread just like the professionals.

On the other hand, there are a few old tricks you can use to determine the depth of your tread without spending a penny. All you need is a Lincoln-head penny and insert Abe’s head into the tread [head-down].

If Lincoln’s entire head remains visible, you do not have enough tread. This is a sign you need new tires.

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2. The Indicator Bar for Tread Wear

Newer tires are more convenient

Newer tires are more convenient than older ones. This is because the newer ones have inbuilt tread wear indicators.

When a tire is new, you can barely notice the bars. But they start appearing as the tires are getting older.

If you realize that multiple of these bars are visible, it is about time you start calling local tire dealers asking them how much new tires cost to avoid that last-minute rush.

3. Cracking of the Sidewalls

Are you asking yourself how often do you need new tires? Well, several factors determine that apart from tread wear. Some problems start revealing themselves on the sidewall.

Fortunately, checking out the sidewall problems is an easy task.

Look out for any cuts or cracks on the sidewalls. If you find any problems, look out for professionals to replace your tires with immediate effect.

4. Lots of Vibration

Vibration is a normal thing, especially when you are driving in poorly paved roads or off-roads.

If you have been driving your car for a long time, you will distinguish between a normal vibration and when things are not right.

There are various causes of vibrations in a car, and tires are one cause. Even when the tire isn’t the root cause, tires tend to wear out faster due to vibration. This means there is a looming problem.

You Now Know When to Get New Tires

When to Get New Tires

The moment you notice any of the above signs, know it’s time to get new tires.

Do not take chances. This is because the outcomes of not changing your car tires on time could be catastrophic.

Hire professionals at all times to fix your tires. Shambolic tire fixing can be more dangerous than driving with worn-out tires.

We hope you’ve learned something new on when to get new tires. Keep an eye on our website for more informative blog posts.