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Giveaways – Enter to Win Royal Sunglasses

Win Royal Sunglasses

Who doesn’t appreciate a free giveaway?

Especially if the prizes include the latest fashion accessories or sunglasses? Of course, free stuff doesn’t always say “trust” as much as it does “suspicious.” There’s always a question of “what’s the catch?”

Actually, there are several competitions online. We’ve decided to create a platform that will sweep you off your feet, the best of them all.

Instead of trying to convince you of our honesty, we’ve let our actions express themselves here. In our humble view, fall is the best time of the year for getting outdoors.

The scenery is beautiful, with autumnal leaves in red, yellow, and orange. And it’s the perfect weather to enjoy sports and hobbies outside.

The design concepts draw on the latest trends in fashion and design and expand upon them. The contestants can design women’s frames for free.

Concerning material selection, contestants should use materials which are processed on an industrial scale.

So, of what are we talking about? It is primarily dependent on our users sharing our contests on all available social networking sites as well as Facebook.

“Sunglasses” is a contest for creative people from all over the world to support the collections of international fashion brands you should celebrate with your friends every day, wicked tender wants to help you show you among them.

To do that, we are hosting our Queen of the Fall Giveaway Contest! This will give you multiple chances to help your special one feel special.

Gift Cards

Worth $350 USD Gift Card
Worth $350 USD Gift Card

Since there will only be 3 winners in our Queen of the Fall Giveaway Contest with a value: $350, we’re giving everyone a chance to earn a free Pair of Sunglasses at Panthera Women’s Oversized Aviator Cat Eye Sunglasses Of Countess, Top 50 Participants with at least 100 Entries:

Royal Dame, Top 100 Participants with at least 50 Entries: $10 USD Sunglasses Gift Card in the Noble Lady Tender Eyes Collection, All Participants: Private Bonus Invitation to Wicked Week, End of November, Black Friday, Week-Long Event All you have to do is spend $350 at the mall and bring your guest receipts to the Guest Services to claim your gift card..

Want more chances to win? You’re in luck, also a proud sponsor of Wicked Tender