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It is said that beauty has always been man’s weakness, and man uses various beauty products to look the most beautiful.

For many people, the beauty business is only limited to cosmetics. But its limits have now expanded.

Now it includes not only cosmetics but also skin care products like; perfumes, skin cleaners, and hair products.

There are various brands in the beauty business that provide a variety and quality of beauty products.

The article under consideration talks about these beauty brands, which have a good reputation and position in the beauty industry all over the world, that’s why choosing these brands’ beauty products is people’s top priority.


OHUI is an international classic Korean luxury brand of cosmetics,  Whose slogan is “Science and Nature Meet Here”This beauty brand was established in 1997.

Which is known as a brand worldwide due to its history of existence. The products of this brand are produced in OHUI Technological Laboratory which is located in South Korea.

OHUI’s products are made up of cosmetics formulas and natural ingredients that get absorbed into the inner layer of the skin and give excellent results in a very short time.

The main purpose of OHUI brand products is to care for aging skin and prolong its freshness.

For these purposes, the manufacturers of the products conduct various laboratory experiments and bring to us the latest beauty technology.

Among the OHUI products, ceramide with premium line has gained particular popularity.

Beauty products containing ceramides help to remove the hydrolipid barrier in the skin. It gives smoothness to the skin and moisturizes skin.

OHUI’s products range from skin care creams to essences and perfumes in all beauty varieties.

classic Korean luxury brand

2: Peripera

Peripera is known as a famous make-up brand for young girls. It was introduced in 2006 as a sub-brand under Clio Cosmetics.

Peripera is an affordable makeup product brand that has attracted young trendsetters, especially girls. It is a Korean beauty brand whose products have a quality of their own.

The Peripera brand name is derived from a Persian legend.

A fairy named Pery had a magic bag named Pera that transformed her into a beautiful fairy.  That’s why Peripera offers you this magic with modern technology.

Following are some of Peripera’s popular products.  First among them is Ink Velvet in 22 colors.

Ink Mood Drop Tint.  Ink aeryVelvet.  Ink Mood Matte Tint.  Ink stick serum etc.  Each product has different usage and method.

3: The history of whoo

The history of whoo is a Korean multinational brand in beauty products with fans all over the world.

The history of whoo products is a top priority for people in the beauty industry.

It is an excellent beauty choice for people from the age of twenty to the age of fifty. The history of whoo is one of the best Korean beauty brands.

Its products are made with advanced technological formulas as well as rare natural ingredients that were once only available to royalty.

The history of whoo Effectively removes the signs of aging on the face.

skin care products korean

The history of whoo products removes blemishes and dark spots from your face.  And it gives your face the same look as the faces of the royal family in the past.  Using this product on your face will make your face look younger.

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