Long natural eyelashes tend to attract most people. Unfortunately, not everyone is blessed with that.

Girls are especially curious about their features and fill up the gap with artificial cosmetics.

Eyelash extensions are widely used. It comes with glue to which not everyone is familiar with its use.

By here, why do we impose so much about the usage for the beginners? Why is it so harmful to the newbies?

The answer is that this glue has the risk that if not used properly, it won’t last long.

It is a matter of great patience as it takes a longer time to get dried, or sometimes it gets sticky.

It has a smell odor that can leave you in a long headache if not given proper ventilation.

Here are some tips for using that glue for beginners:


Use as per requirement

The first problem that occurs to most people is the usage of glue. Use the glue as per your requirement. Use a thin layer of glue because too much of it won’t make it secure.

Instead, it will make your eyelashes twitch or be visible clearly.

Extension Glue

Let it dry a little

When you are done applying the glue, wait for at least 40-50 seconds so that your adhesive becomes dingy.

If you do not act hasty and wait for the proper time, you will get your eyelash easy to pin down, and it settles on the very first contact.

A little more on the sides

After applying the glue, another problem is that the corners of the lashes lift.

There you need to use a little more of the adhesive and wait for it to not get tacky.

Hold the lashes properly

Applying glue down on the lashes might fall onto the lashes and get it all wet. Use it while holding the eyelash upright and gently squeeze from the bottom not to spill.

Even pressing a little more won’t get your lash affected.

Use Paper for Application

If you have a shaky hand, apply the glue on some paper or your hand, and then apply it to the lashes.

Remove gently

While taking them off, use some cotton bag or cosmetic sponge dipped in olive oil and gently peel them away without getting the oil in the eye.

Safety tips

One safety measure is that the adhesive contains formaldehyde, which is a dangerous carcinogen. It can lead to eye allergies and some serious infections, including pink eye.

It can end you up oozing and crusting in the end. So, don’t use the adhesive frequently.

It can also give you swollen eyes when taking them off, so take good care of your eyes while swiping them away. Itching can also be a constant thing for beginners.

Using fake eyelashes for a longer time will carry germs and bacteria, which is not good news for your eyes.

Beware of longer use.

Eyelash Extension Glue for Beginners


Now you have the basic tips and safety precautions. You can tell how careful the use should be.

Follow the basic tips described above about the eyelash extension glue and use it with full responsibility.

It is usually better to get them done by some expert, but practice can make you perfect.

Do not fear.

The use is basic, easy, and the outcome will be worth it.


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