Control Stormwater While Constructing

If you are planning a big construction project, you have a lot of things to consider. You have to plan the design, get the materials, and hire crew to work on the project.

One thing you might not have considered is dealing with stormwater.

Stormwater can have negative impacts to our lakes, rivers, streams, and reservoirs in California.

When you are working on a project and it starts to rain, dangerous pollutants can get washed away and end up in our clean water sources. Stormwater Management is how to minimize stormwater damage and protect our ecosystem.

Here are three methods used to stop the damage of stormwater.

Infiltration- This method stops the rainwater and filters it before it can be absorbed into the ground.

An innovative engineering company can create filtrations systems that can control the pollutants from your construction site getting into the soil.

Restoration – This method creates a beautiful buffer between a construction project and natural areas to keep the pollutants from the project from ruining the area.

Creating a natural buffer between the construction and a lake can keep run off from affecting the ecosystem while also giving the area a natural landscape that is nice to look at but efficient.

Control- Probably the most obvious method is to stop stormwater from being dangerous runoff in the first place.

California Stormwater Management is important and using the excess rainwater allows you to conserve water for use elsewhere in your business. One option for this is a planted roof.

The stormwater is collected on a roof where soil can filter the water while leaving a beautiful garden and they use the water that would normally be runoff.

Using an engineering and consulting firm can give you ideas to use for your next building project so that you can avoid runoff damaging the ecosystem and even find ways to use the water to reduce costs.