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Even in a city like San Francisco, we believe that the most exciting aspect of shopping is still being able to do it the old-fashioned way: in person, in the corners of the world we visit, in search of something typical of that place, and possibly haggling a little.

Times have changed, and even though we are now accustomed to finding everything we want at the click of a button, selecting prices and suppliers.

You can look for a specific store in San Francisco, or unusual or lavish products that are hard to find elsewhere, but there are also outlets and shopping malls where you can save money and purchase designer clothing at competitive costs.

What are San Francisco’s top shopping districts? Where should I go to find the best deals?

Here is a shopping route that, in our opinion, will please everyone, including those who are not especially fond of shopping but can still appreciate the beauty of the areas and streets we will pass through.

Are you prepared to shop at San Francisco’s greatest stores?

Top 20 Best Shopping Places in San Francisco

There are many locations to shop in San Francisco. They range from upscale establishments around Union Square to budget-friendly outlets in Chinatown.

The Golden Gate Bridge, Lombard Street, and the Victorian homes of Alamo Street are among the city’s instantly recognizable icons.

The city is renowned for its top-notch museums, alluring retail areas, and diverse neighborhoods.

A citywide shopping guide can be found right here. Here is a list of the Best Shopping Places in San Francisco.

You will discover a brief overview as well as some of the different kinds of shops that can be found in each location.

Many of the above alternatives also have additional information accessible.

Pier 39:

Pier 39 is the most well-liked destination for tourists to shop. On the eastern edge of Fisherman’s Wharf is this waterfront pier that has been renovated.

You can shop at a variety of locations on the pier, including national chains and independent shops.

Everything is available, including jewelry, clothing, and gift shops. Additionally, you can purchase certain sweets and regional wines.

The Aquarium of the Bay, the 7D Experience, and the mirror labyrinth are just a few of the family-friendly attractions that can be found at Pier 39 in addition to shopping.

You will also find some great places to eat breakfast, lunch, or dinner.

Union Square:

There are numerous stores all across Union Square and the streets nearby. High-end retailers like Louis Vuitton, Tiffany’s, Neiman Marcus, and Sak’s Fifth Avenue are present in this downtown San Francisco shopping district.

Additionally, there is an Apple store, an eight-story Macy’s, and a sizable Nike store right on the square.

A few feet away from the square, you may find some other fantastic stores including Banana Republic, Zara, and Cartier.

Additionally, there are several fantastic luxury stores nearby, including Yves Saint Laurent, Valentino, Dior, and Burberry.

Hermes, Saint Laurent, and Maison Margiela are just a few of the fantastic high-end shops you can discover down Maiden Lane.

In addition, there are galleries in this region where you may view both local as well as international artists.


Visit Chinatown if you’re seeking products that are VERY affordable. Grant Avenue is where most of the shopping is located.

You may find gifts, jewelry, bags, and other things here. Visit Stockton Street if you want to see what the locals buy.

You may also indulge in some delectable dim sum, visit the Golden Gate Fortune Cookie Factory, or explore one of their vibrant temples while you’re here.

There are also a ton of low-cost eateries offering a sizable selection of traditional Chinese meals.

Ferry Building:

The Ferry Building is located at Pier 1 on the San Francisco waterfront. You can sample and buy delectable sweets here.

Many of the shops in this area include sections devoted to fine goods including bread, chocolates, and cheeses.

A fantastic wine store and a few shops selling culinary accessories are also nearby. In the Ferry Building, more and more fantastic restaurants are opening.

The Slanted Door, Gott’s Roadside, and the Hog Island Oyster Company are a few of my favorite recommendations.

Ghirardelli Square:

On Fisherman’s Wharf’s western side is Ghirardelli Square. A small shopping area has been converted from this former chocolate factory.

There are three Ghirardelli Chocolate Shops nearby, along with Elizabeth, Lola of North Beach, and the San Francisco Brewing Company, a fantastic local brewery with both indoor and outdoor dining.

You may take a free walking tour of the history of this ancient factory as well as several other fantastic restaurants.

Mission District:

The Mission District is a treasure trove of amusing best shopping in San Francisco. Here, you can find a variety of quirky, offbeat shops, such as independent bookstores, small-town chocolate shops, and jewelry stores.

There are also some cheap shops, pawn shops, and a ton of other interesting places to visit.

While you’re here, be sure to stop by and see the vibrant murals that are painted all over this neighborhood.

Between 16th and 24th Streets, Valencia and Mission Streets are where you’ll find most of the shopping.

Additionally, 24th Street between Mission and Harrison Streets has a few nice spots.

Haight Street:

Another wonderful retail district in San Francisco is Haight Street. You can discover quirky costume stores, 60s tie-dye apparel stores, and low-cost jewelry stores here.

Amoeba Music, one of San Francisco’s top music retailers, is located on Haight Street. 

In addition, there are many other second-hand shops in this area. You can get a wonderful deal there. 

The Haight Street shopping district extends from Masonic (on the eastern side) to Staynon Street or Golden Gate Park (on the western side).

This shopping area spans roughly half a mile.

Fillmore Street in Pacific Heights:

Another well-liked shopping district in San Francisco is Pacific Heights’ Fillmore Street.

Local designers, tiny boutiques, and some excellent coffee shops can be found on this adorable strip. You can also locate some excellent places to eat for lunch, dinner, or brunch.

On the north end of this route, near Jackson route, shopping begins.

Up to approximately half a mile down the street, near Geary Boulevard, there are shops lined up along the street.

There are more upscale stores providing women’s apparel, accessories, and jewelry on the northern end. There are also less pricey locations, like a fantastic Goodwill, as you get closer to Geary. 

Union Street:

Union Street, which begins at the Embarcadero and runs through Telegraph Hill, Russian Hill, and all the way to the Presidio, is the next stop on our journey.

It is a pretty intriguing street, especially because it has a genuine local feel in several areas.

Visit Cow Hollow, located between the Presidium and Russian Hill, if you’re interested in how folks in San Francisco live and want to know where they enjoy shopping or stopping for coffee in a café with sidewalk tables.

There are two stores, Anomie and Marmalade, for those who enjoy informal and minimalist shops. As an alternative, people seeking specialty stores should visit Sugarfina, a sophisticated candy store for grownups where the managers always have some to give as gifts to customers.

Visit the 1887 Dance Shop next if you want to try tap dancing, salsa, ballet, or contemporary dance. They specialize in apparel and shoes for kids and adults.

The best thing about this store is that it also sells costumes for Halloween and plays. Everyone has heard of Nike.

You can shop for goods at reasonable costs in the nearby Nike store.

As you go around, you can see the lovely Edwardian-style Union Street Inn B&B and the Octagon Home, a home museum with Colonial and Federal-era ornamental arts and historical papers about American history.

Fillmore street:

After the thirteenth U.S. President, Fillmore Street spans ten blocks and passes through Lower Haight, the Fillmore Shopping District, Pacific Heights, and the Marina District.

There are cafes like Starbucks, restaurants, lounges, theaters, jazz clubs, motels, and businesses along this bustling boulevard.

San Francisco Fillmore Street shopping Nearly everything is available at these shops, from clothing to jewelry to home decor to jewelry.

We went to Narumi Japanese Antiques, which sells exquisite kimonos, porcelain, pottery, sterling silver (a silver alloy with a small proportion of copper), dolls, lamps, and hair accessories.

We also observed well-known perfume and cosmetic product names like Ralph Lauren and L’Occitane.


Sur la Table is a store where you may find tablecloths, towels, dishes, and accessories for a variety of functions if you’d also like to purchase something special for your kitchen.

Glassybaby sells handcrafted colored glass products for home décor, such as candle holders and glasses.

With a few exceptions, the complex’s stores are open from Monday through Friday from 10:00 a.m. to 7:00 p.m., from 8:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m. on Saturday, and from 11:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. on Sunday.

Best shopping in San Francisco Outlets Nearby San Francisco Shopping Embarcadero.

The Ferry Building’s outdoor market, the Ferry Plaza Market, which is close by, is where local farmers sell their wares.

The market is open from 10:00 on Tuesdays and Thursdays.

Mission District:

The Mission District, one of the city’s oldest and most identifiable neighborhoods with its distinctive murals, is located in the central-eastern region of San Francisco.

Valencia route, with its independent. ostentatious, and vintage shops (many of which open late in the morning, at around 11:00 or even later), are the primary best shopping in the San Francisco route of this Latino area.

We are especially interested in Paxton Gate, which is located at 824 Valencia Street. It’s a store that offers not only plants but also furniture for the home, candles, soaps, and kid’s outdoor games.

The Pirate Supply Store at 826 Valencia sells clothing and other products from the pirate culture.

We also suggest stopping by Casa Bonampak, a location dedicated to preserving Latin American culture and craftsmanship.

Haight Ashbury:

Haight-Ashbury, the epicenter of the Summer of Love, comes to mind as another San Francisco neighborhood with a distinctive personality.

All of the flower children from that era arrived here in 1967, and you can still see remnants of that era in the stores on Haight Street, the major drag.

You can discover a comprehensive guide to shopping in Haight-Ashbury on this website, which is already available here.

Hayes Valley:

Between Alamo Square and the Civic Center, in Hayes Valley (Haynes St, Laguna St, Octavia St), you will see buildings constructed in a variety of architectural styles, including Victorian and Queen Anne.

We endorse the following two stores: Flight 001 (525 Haynes St): This location sells baggage, travel accessories, and travel books; (549 Haynes St.) Lavish & Rifle This shop offers stationery, gifts, household goods, and party materials.

You can take the chance to ride a cable car while shopping in this lovely city.

We liked exploring a large plaza while strolling and shopping there, seeing and discussing the storefronts in Victorian mansions, finding and enjoying vintage shops, and then taking a drive outside the city to shop at the outlets and see the surrounding area.

Shopping in San Francisco is more than just purchasing goods; it’s an experience.


 In 2010, Michael Preysman had the idea to design a fantastic t-shirt.

Today, the founder’s SF brand has established itself as a popular IRL shopping destination where hipsters, parents, creatives, and everyday Joes and Janes of all ages stock up on high-quality essentials.

In its 3,000-square-foot flagship, the digitally native shop introduces “radically transparent” pricing along with a neutral color scheme.

Without a mannequin in sight, it is spotless, light, and spacious.

You’ll discover nicely folded stacks of cotton and denim t-shirts, enticing cashmere sweaters, rows of carefully organized wrap skirts, and hoodies and sweatshirts relaxing on simple wooden racks.

Additionally, there are lots of shoes, including ugly flats and ugly-chic sneakers.

Ab Fits:

For almost 30 years, denimheads have frequented this haven of both men’s and women’s jeans.

Loyal customers visit this store for its extensive assortment of blues that is unmatched by many other retailers. It is still in the same picturesque location in North Beach.

Unfamiliar brands like A.P.C., Raleigh Denim, Tellason, and DL1961 Premium Denim are undoubtedly present.

The truly enjoyable part, though, is finding uncommon, high-quality brands from around the world (Matias, Freenote Cloth, C.O.F. Studio, and I and Me, for example).

Along with its incredible selection of jeans, AB Fits owes its success to Howard Gee, the company’s owner, denim whiz, and all-around pleasant man.

Check out the store’s own AB Fits jeans, which are excellent keepsakes.

Heath Ceramics:

This renowned tile and ceramics company, which was established in Sausalito in 1948, relocated to a vast former laundry and linen supply facility in 2012, and it has since become a center for design.

The bustling tile factory doubles as a gallery and showroom where customers may peruse Heath’s renowned simple dinnerware, ceramics (the brand’s characteristic blossom vase is a popular gift among locals), bags (made possible by Heath Sews), and jewelry.

Bonus points go to the more recent Heath Newsstand extension, which is stocked with glossy magazines, design publications, travel publications, and other hard-to-find printed materials.

Additionally, the nearby Tartine Manufactory is conveniently located to fulfill your craving for ice cream made with water buffalo milk and morning buns.

Jay Jeffers:

The Tendernob store bearing Jay Jeffers’ name is stocked with a unique assortment of opulent furnishings and finds that are high on the glam factor.

If money is no object, it’s impossible not to be impressed by the stunning area because it’s filled with expensive, modern, and attention-grabbing furnishings.

Beds with marble headboards, brass Ouija tables made by (wh)Ore Haus, hand-stitched top-grain leather saddle chairs made by AMKD, and other antique and vintage items are mixed together.

Decorative goods, presents, and home accessories that are genuinely one-of-a-kind (have you seen Laurence Le Constant’s resin skull with peacock feathers?

Fisherman’s Warf:

Fisherman’s Wharf, together with the cable cars and the Golden Gate Bridge, characterizes the best shopping in San Francisco.

It’s frequently a tourist’s first stop, and it has a unique atmosphere that combines newcomer elation, shop kitsch, a rich nautical tradition, and a vivacious West Coast welcome.

Visitors are welcome to try Dungeness crab and clam chowder, cruise the Bay, buy the obligatory souvenir t-shirts, and—best of all—soak in the pleasant sunshine or marvel at the fog as it creeps in across the water at Fisherman’s Wharf.

Fisherman’s Wharf is undoubtedly a must-see location to experience local color, business, and cool, even though it probably won’t be the most wonderful experience you’ll ever have.

Fisherman’s Wharf has a wide selection of enjoyable San Francisco souvenirs for sale that can be taken home.

Tom’s insider advice: Visit Seasons on Fisherman’s Wharf, a place solely devoted to the season.

Westfield San Francisco Center:

One of San Francisco’s top shopping centers, Westfield Centre is home to more than 170 enticing boutiques and is conveniently situated two blocks from Union Square.

Inside are Betsey Johnson, Herve Leger, Kenneth Cole, and H&M in addition to the second-largest Nordstrom in the nation.

The complex also has a nine-screen movie theater and delightful sit-down and quick-serve eateries that are ready to satisfy all types of refreshment demands.

Due to recent renovations, this mall is now a must-see.

Once you’re done shopping, travel across the street to the Powell Street cable car for an incredible ride all the way to Fisherman’s Wharf because it’s right in the middle of downtown.


San Francisco, with its wide variety of shopping districts, exclusive shops, and luxury brands, is unquestionably one of the top destinations in the USA.

San Francisco offers to provide the ultimate shopping experience, catering to every taste and budget, whether you are a fashion aficionado or someone looking for unusual mementos.

Don’t forget to include these top 20 shopping spots in your schedule if you’re planning a trip to the city to enjoy the best shopping in San Francisco.