All About Save the Date Cards

It is difficult to imagine a wedding without invitations that are handed personally to each of the guests in advance or sent by mail about a month or a couple of weeks before the wedding.

And in America, before invitations are sent, it is customary to send “save the date” cards.

What is a “Save the Date” Card?

This is a postcard or script with the date of the wedding and the signature “save the date“, which translates as “reserve the date”.

The postcard can be a photograph of the bride and groom or any picture symbolizing love and marriage.

Such a card means that the recipient is asked not to plan anything for that day, as they will be invited to the wedding. Also on “save the date” they often make a note that all the details will be clarified a little later.

The “save the date” card is sent much earlier than the standard invitation, sometimes even 12 months before the wedding.

save the date wood cards

The explanation is simple: often guests have to come to a wedding from another city, which means that you need to plan a vacation and other details, and 12 months is just the time that will be enough.

Wedding Postponement Announcement

Life situations are different, so there is nothing critical that, due to certain circumstances, the newlyweds will postpone the date or location of the wedding celebration.

But there are other nuances, for example, relatives or friends who come to your celebration and have already bought tickets and took a vacation.

What to do and how not to let anyone down? We have prepared answers to these and other questions!

If you have already sent save the date invitations to guests, but decided to change the date or place of the celebration, then you can send them a wedding postponement announcement and apologize for the inconvenience.

Wedding Postponement Announcement

“You can also include RSVP cards (French phrase Répondezs’ilvousplaît, which means “Please reply” or“Please answer”) with repeated invitations.

In these cards, guests should note whether they will be able to attend your celebration.

This is necessary so that the bride and groom know in advance how many guests they can expect when organizing an event.

Invite your relatives and friends who have gathered for your celebration in another city or country to purchase tickets with the right to return or postpone the date.

Yes, these tickets will cost a little more, but on the other hand, in the event of sudden and unexpected changes, they can be returned or exchanged.