E-commerce Manager Job Description: A Comprehensive Guide to the Role

E-commerce Manager Job Description

E-commerce managers create plans that address the aesthetics and usability of the online stores and digital platforms used by their businesses.

To make sure that existing frameworks aid in the creation of profit, they make executive judgments. E-commerce managers create plans and make use of data on sales, industry norms, and cutting-edge innovations to promote sales and online stores.

Ecommerce manager job description give instructions to programmers, copywriters, and graphic designers to make sure that specified tactics are carefully followed. 

They evaluate the accuracy of the upload while also creating promotional offers and reviewing the security of checkout sites and procedures.

They check the accuracy of the language and legal disclaimers, and they examine website traffic to determine how well marketing and maintenance efforts are working.

Ecommerce managers look at sales-related analytics to guide restocks and report on the effectiveness of both traditional and cutting-edge approaches.

A degree in business, information systems, marketing management, or a similar discipline is required for e-commerce managers.

What is ecommerce?

Simply described, ecommerce is a business strategy that enables both consumers and companies to buy and sell goods online. 

It is not surprising that there is a need for expertise in the ecommerce sector as companies look to spur significant growth given the explosion in online sales over the past 12 months.

According to the United Nations Conference on Trade and Development, ecommerce only accounted for roughly 5% of all sales in the past compared to brick and mortar sales.

Therefore, specialist jobs in this field were not a top priority, and familiarity with ecommerce was not a ’must have’ talent. The ecommerce sector remains undervalued and underinvested throughout time. 

The cutting edge of retail, however, has emerged since Covid-19 arrived to our doorsteps, with Statista reporting that global internet sales total 4.28 trillion US dollars.

Additionally, they forecast that e-retail revenue will increase to 5.4 trillion US dollars in 2022.

More customers now anticipate being able to purchase from the convenience of their homes. As a result of rising demand, businesses now need to prioritize eCommerce through digital transformation and adoption.

Additionally, this led to the demand for hitherto unheard-of professions in the retail industry. Businesses are currently looking for eCommerce skills to aid in fostering innovation and expansion.

If eCommerce sounds like the field for you after taking everything into account, follow these steps to find success. 

What is an Ecommerce Manager?

You have the job and responsibility of managing a website that focuses on the purchasing, trading, and selling of goods to the general public or for commercial purposes as an ecommerce manager.

The website’s layout, content, and oversight of issues including team management, online marketing, and security are some important aspects of the function.

But conversion is an Ecommerce Manager Job discerption primary concern.

Attracting visitors through advertising, efficient SEO, and compelling content that can turn them into leads or sales is conversion.

Today’s market is dominated by e-commerce sales, which have supplanted brick-and-mortar stores as consumers’ preferred means of making purchases. ecommerce retail accounted for 15.6% of all retail sales this year.

Ecommerce Manager Job Description

What responsibilities are common for Ecommerce Manager jobs?

  • Start and finish the selecting procedure for online consumer orders.
  • To produce improvements, develop analytics for the e-commerce industry.
  • Analysis of critical business indicators and site performance should be provided.
  • Keeping and retrieving the stated goods from the warehouse.
  • Encourage personnel to communicate and to work toward hourly, daily, and monthly goals.
  • Make sure that all rules and policies relating to wages and hours are followed.
  • Follow company policies, food safety protocols, and local, state, and federal regulations.
  • Help maintain inventory and place orders for products as necessary.
  • To fix problems and maintain client satisfaction, collaborate with consumer care and customer service.
  • Ensure that the team’s workspace is secure for every member.
  • Aid in budgeting and managing spending on things like utilities, mail, and supplies.
  • In a timely way, report and escalate systemic issues as appropriate.
  • Orders from clients are promptly and properly retrieved and filled.
  • Utilize the point of sale (POS) software to process the orders.
  • Customer expectations for convenience, variety, freshness, and cleanliness should be met or exceeded.
  • All orders are pulled, prepared, and shipped on schedule.
  • When time or strategy changes, communicate with other functions.
  • Work together with the site operations team to comprehend the effects of site changes on customers and the bottom line.
  • Equipment inspection: Report any broken equipment to the store’s e-commerce manager or other management.
  • Use caution when handling products and store them at the correct temperature.
  • Serve as the marketing’s prominent internal evangelist,

Managing web development as an Ecommerce Manager

When making an online purchase, the user interface and general UX of your website are crucial.

A website’s style, feel, and design are all under the control of an e-commerce manager, who collaborates closely with any web design firms or in-house development teams to find the ideal interface and structure for the user journey.

The online e-commerce system is intended to be simple, quick, and safe. This might refer to anything from how the listings are arranged to where to position the call to action to buy an item. 

It might also include adding new material to the website, such as product videos, social media integration, and anything else that can make the user experience better.

Managing a team as an Ecommerce Manager

The crew that works to maintain the website functioning smoothly needs to be managed in addition to the website itself.

A typical Ecommerce team can include the following individuals:

  • Project Directors
  • Editors of content
  • Copywriters
  • Web developers
  • PPC/SEO professionals
  • Analysts and web analysts
  • Engineer, Web Services

Larger businesses will have backend development and web development teams to maintain and enhance the functioning and appearance of the website.

Contractors are frequently used by many firms for new projects and renovations.

Smaller businesses might work with an agency that looks after the website’s hosting, design, and functioning while giving content writers access to change the website’s text and images.

Managing campaigns and strategy as an Ecommerce Manager

Planning ahead and having a comprehensive digital marketing plan for the upcoming year is another important aspect of e-commerce.

The introduction of sales campaigns, special offers, and—most importantly—SEO and PPC campaigns are just a few of the areas that this plan can help them identify.

The copy or descriptive content that might raise page ranking and traffic may be provided by an agency or by a dedicated in-house SEO team, depending on the needs of the e-commerce manager.

Managing security and maintenance as an Ecommerce Manager

Websites may be the target of hacker assaults, data breaches, or even technical faults that call for immediate action to fix.

The website cannot be viewed by Ecommerce Managers 24 hours a day, but they can have email or text alerts sent to them if a problem arises.

Protecting sensitive client data from cybercriminals is the most crucial component, therefore implementing a high level of security is required to avoid a PR catastrophe for your business and disappointing devoted customers.

Protecting confidential and sensitive information is a top issue because numerous enterprise databases have recently been breached.

They might also run across bugs and mistakes, particularly when it comes to price mistakes.

A recent pricing error in an online retailer caused a normally pricey item to be less than 50p, leading customers to place multiple orders as a result of the item’s astoundingly low price.

The decision to honor the pricing is up to the business, but either way, it might damage its reputation and turn away customers. A website’s reputation can take years to establish, but just days to destroy.

Managing conversions as an Ecommerce Manager

For ecommerce manager job description creating reports and tracking online traffic figures are typical daily tasks.

To determine if a particular campaign or significant site updates were effective or not, the performance of a website can be assessed and analyzed using analytics tools like Google Analytics or ComScore.

Bounce rates, time on page, and referrals are just a few examples of the behaviors and patterns that may be analyzed by analytical tools to provide detailed information and in-depth analysis.

Businesses can use online data analysis to make crucial business decisions by tracking the outcomes.

A/B testing is an additional method for analyzing and contrasting various internet marketing approaches by distributing various website iterations to various site users and identifying which version was more successful. 

What are the typical qualifications for Ecommerce Manager jobs?

  • Equivalent experience, or a bachelor’s or graduate degree in business, computer science, engineering, or technology management.
  • English language proficiency and effective communication abilities.
  • Extensive knowledge of Google Analytics and Gmail.
  • Knows a lot about different search engines.
  • A strict eye for detail and a passion for teamwork.
  • Excellent leadership qualities, as well as strong time-management and problem-solving ability, are displayed.

What is the average salary of an Ecommerce Manager?

Data from Techno jobs shows that incomes range from £40,000 to £85,000.

The location is one of many variables that affect the amount. Ecommerce managers frequently earn greater money in London.

  • Ecommerce Managers often start at a salary of £40,000.
  • Ecommerce Managers make an average mid-level income of £67,500.
  • A senior-level Ecommerce Manager often makes £85,000.

Ecommerce Manager Job Description

A manager of e-commerce is responsible for a wide range of tasks. This profession, which focuses on marketing in an electronic world, is continuously monitoring competitors and keeping up with sales comparison information.

A manager of e-commerce is a strategic thinker. It is crucial to comprehend the objectives of online sales as well as customer requirements.

An e-commerce manager examines analytics daily to track traffic and search for computer system errors. When a problem occurs, this job immediately deploys technical staff to troubleshoot and resolve it.

The corporation might lose hundreds of dollars in sales for every minute that an online platform is unavailable.

This position’s typical responsibilities include managing numerous projects at once, managing others, and fusing technology-based innovation with sales. 

In the end, the e-commerce manager job description informing senior executives on revenue generation and suggesting fresh promotions to boost sales.

An important responsibility of this role is negotiating with social media companies to find the most affordable approach to market and promote goods and services.

Some E-commerce Manager Job descriptions

Description 01:

We are seeking a highly organized e-commerce manager to supervise the creation and use of our business’s revenue-generating websites.

The e-commerce manager will also be expected to provide advice on evidence-based and experimental improvements to our platforms and track the success of plans by looking at standardized metrics.

Research on effective website layouts and features will also be necessary. You should manage staff teams while doing this, making sure you are always on hand to offer relevant people helpful advice as needed. 

You should keep up with current e-commerce trends and advances if you want to succeed as an e-commerce manager.

In the end, a fantastic E-commerce manager job description will work to strengthen their skill set by continuously studying related strategies that can promote departmental teamwork.

Description 02: 

An ecommerce Manager is now being sought after. In order to strengthen the overall partnership and accomplish shared business objectives, a successful incumbent is expected to drive sales and the overall P&L impact for the company in accordance with business objectives. They are also expected to manage day-to-day operations and interactions with Company retail.

Responsibilities & duties 

  • Increase revenue and the company’s total P&L impact in accordance with business goals
  • In order to strengthen the entire cooperation and accomplish shared business objectives, manage daily operations and the interaction with Company retail.
  • Determine logistical synergies while forecasting demand and spending to facilitate cooperative business planning with the customer.
  • Create and cultivate new business possibilities; deliver quarterly financial information to senior leadership both internally and outside.

Description 03: 

Are you skilled at analyzing and modifying UX elements to increase conversion rates? Do you have expertise leading a group of e-commerce specialists to increase sales and enhance the customer experience?

Can you effectively communicate with key players across departments? We have the ideal career for you if you’re up for these challenges and want to work for a fast expanding firm.

We at Company Name are seeking a skilled E-Commerce manager to oversee our group of E-Commerce Executives and assist us realize the full potential of our online business.

You’ll collaborate with a committed group of marketers, developers, and designers to create a solid action plan and make changes as necessary. 

Description 04:

To design, create, manage, and optimize marketing campaigns for an e-commerce firm. Our company Is seeking a talented and ambitious E-commerce marketing manager.

The strategic direction of our email and social media marketing campaigns will be decided by you.

You’ll supervise the daily operations of the marketing department and make sure all marketing deliverables are up to par and consistent with our branding guidelines while collaborating closely with graphic designers and copywriters.