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Buy Selfie Drones

Selfie Drones

Drone flying craze is important throughout the area nowadays and it is trending in the new year of 2018.


Virtual reality headsets provide a completely immersive fun experience, whether you are looking to watch 360-degree videos, play games or go places you have forever wanted to visit.

Rechargeable Lighters

Forever heating lighter coil will be activated by forever lighter to light cigarettes without the need for lighter or butane fluid. Let’s check our collection to buy rechargeable lighters for your precious desire.

Buy LEDs

LED / Fairy Lights

When you buy Shopplax LED fixture, light bulk or fairly lights LED shoes, you begin saving money right away. For each light bulk you change with a LED light, you will view quick returns on a lower power bill.

buy bluetooth speaker

WiFi / Bluetooth Speakers

Shopplax.com provides a big selection of wireless and Bluetooth speakers that use technology like WiFi or Bluetooth to receive an audio signal from a compatible gadget.

Leather Cases

With our big selection of smartphone case styles, you can be sure that we will have a cover to suit your personal styles. That is why at Shopplax we strive to make a range of top standard smartphone cases