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The basic task of a dash cam is to record your drive. Dash cameras are a special device built specifically for cars. Think of it as a surveillance camera for your car. Below are 6 reasons you should own a dash cam.

Undisciplined Drivers

You should consider purchasing a dash cam is because this will support you report undisciplined drivers. Every driver has had at least one dirty encounter with a bad driver, during his driving career.

Have a record of your accident

With video proof that you were not the driver liable for a vehicle crash you can keep yourself from being found at fault by a vehicle insurance company.

Make you better driver

Dancers look in the mirror to right their techniques, athletes watch video of their last games to better their play, and you can review your daily driving footage to become an excellent driver.

Unattended vehicle

Most dash cameras have a option that permit you to turn on standby that allows the camera only to turn on if it feels motion or in or around the vehicle.

Get out of a ticket

If you are stopped for a traffic breach you did not commit, offer up your dash camera recording to the law enforcement officer before the ticket is written.

Help in driving speed and street routes

The dash cam will record the different street routes as well as driving speed.